Year in Monzo 2020

It’s time to go Hue.

Then you can sit in bright red light like you’re in Amsterdam.


I tried my Hue on red, lots of old men kept knocking on my door, I’m not sure why :thinking:

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Today I guess mine

Eat out, either greggs or the canteen at my work
Entertainment none
Food Morrisons or company shop
Transport Morrisons or Asda or Esso depends on who’s been cheapest

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Thought I would get this going as a thread to share people’s 2020 usage, as of right now, there’s only 30 minutes until Year in Monzo becomes available!

Excited* to see how the lockdown months effected my spend :grimacing:

*and scared

Its available now! I’m actually quite surprised…

Didn’t spend as much on stupid stuff as I thought!

Not sure why its saying my groceries came from a gas station, I promise you I don’t drink diesel :flushed:

Looks like it includes Joint Account this year!

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Mine’s not that surprising. Literally not allowed out, and used Apple, Amazon & McDonalds the most

I wonder why entertainment appears to be from Apple, guessing if you pay for iCloud it get categorised under that…

Yea, anything and everything Apple based. So if I buy stuff off the App Store, Movies etc, it’s all down as Apple. :slight_smile:

Yeah, mines only iCloud I think, otherwise I’m sure it would be Netflix

Also, for those interested …… Launching at 10:00

I wonder if it’s using the Mastercade category codes to differentiate? Between say movies/tv and apps.

Mines not come up yet, but I’m gonna assume; Local Coffee Shop, Uber Eats, and Sainsburies as my top 3.

I’ve just posted an update on Year in Monzo here: Your Year in Monzo 2020 is ready for you

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