Check out your Year in Monzo!

It’s that time again. See how you used Monzo in 2019…


Looks like the Playstation year in review might have coincided with Monzo :grimacing:

Shouldn’t matter too much. They’re both trending.

What am I supposed to guess?


Was it… 90?

We have a winner!


If only Monzo had some way of showing you how this compared to other supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

I made payments in US dollars online but they are not showing up.

Only made payments in euros and pounds in person tho.

Can you try force-closing your app and trying this again? We’re pretty sure we sorted this out this morning.

Same thing :confused:

One of my top places is “Cooplands” but the year in Monzo feature is displaying this as “Co-op”. Bug?

Why am I being told I accrued interest when I have no interest-bearing pots and never have?

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That’s probably to do with how we’ve grouped some merchants together. Currently investigating!

That’s unusual. Did you previously have Monzo Plus?

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Ah ha! I did for a very brief period — that would be it :smiley: This is such a great little feature and good marketing for Monzo. It was trending on Twitter in the UK earlier on.

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We got to #3 at one point! :tada:


As I predicted last night, I spent far too much at JustEat last year :rofl:
Monzo… I owe my healthy lifestyle this year to you!
Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be waaaay more useful if I ever used categories properly… but…

Key insights:

Top two are coffee shops. Habit to break there…


Get in!

Also, meant to ask - the header says it takes into account joint accounts - is that just my purchases in a joint account or all of it? Out of curiosity!

Don’t ask about the McDonald’s please
Edit: all but one of my friends, i referred - credit where its due

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I will be cutting down on McDonald’s this year, living round the corner from there isn’t helpful😅

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I’m only refreshing this thread and the twitter hashtag to make myself feel better about my McDonalds spending, and you’ve helped me massively with that :smiley:

15 days clean so far!