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For the last couple of years I’ve been on a long-term project to replace all the bulbs in the house with LED bulbs as they wear out.

I learned fairly early on that cheap shit from Amazon is exactly that and not worth it, followed shortly by learning that cheap bulbs from supermarkets are also not great.

As a result I’ve ended up nearly 100% Osram, which do the job and seem to actually last. They’re all warm white, though.

I’d like to get some daylight bulbs next as an alternative to the warm white ones, but I’m struggling to find them (I mean, there’s loads on Amazon, but I’m wary of them being cheap shit). Does anyone have any recommendations?

Would be interesting if anyone else has tried (or is trying) to similarly LED-ify a house. Are there better options out there than Osram bulbs?

And no, for me I have no interest in smart bulbs. Too many rooms for that to be affordable for me!

What’s not good about the Amazon or supermarket LED bulbs? Are you concerned about the quality?

Before I went all Lifx in my house, I had decked the house out in Philips Clear LED bulbs as they were the closest to looking like old clear halogen bulbs I could find and I bought them direct from Amazon and had no issues.

The possible problem with the Philips bayonet ones are they are warm white bulbs not cool white. Looking of Philips’ website, they do do a cool white bulb of this type but it looks like its only for an Edison socket.

Now I have gone Lifx, I have no issues with switching from cool/day/warm white light but you don’t want to go that direction so I will speak no more about it! I have kept all the Philips LED’s as backup spares as I did like them.

I can echo the smart bulbs. The white spectrum ones aren’t as expensive as the full colour ones (which are a bit gimmicky anyway IMO).

If not, I usually just go for supermarket bulbs and never had an issue.

Bit off topic but in the above images Phillips seems to have mirrored the colour temperature scale which I find annoying!

Finally a topic I can get behind.

I’ve been trying to find a high-lumen output, 6000k + daylight white bulb, for my office. I find the white daylight bulbs way better for working in than the warm white, though now I’ve made that discovery I’ve been getting countless bulbs on Amazon to test them out.

The one I’ve got though currently just isn’t bright enough.

Also, Bayonet vs Screw fittings of bulbs. Is it British Law that all houses must be built with a random mix of both socket styles, and your stash of bulbs will always be the wrong kind?


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I love my Hue bulbs I’ve a mixture of colour ones and then the white only variety. It doesn’t work out too expensive to be fair. Get a starter kit and then just build on that room by room.

Massive fan of hue. I have white or ambient. I thought colour was too gimmicky/ a waste - would rather have more areas connected than less but colour ones!

I’m getting a sensor to put in the porch next so that if anyone comes along it’ll turn on my living room lights and also my bedroom to wake me up if I’m asleep.

Quite like that you can add in additional accessories to suit your needs.

As much as I love Hue, the lumens are too low, so I doubt they’ll please that one dude who hates frauded.

LIFX can go double up to 1100 lumens I believe for shades of white, vs 800 on hue.

May be with looking into SAD lighting. It was, and remains, the only thing good enough for my home office.

You can get bulbs that go up to 1,600 lumens with Hue, I’ve not seen any that go higher than that though.

Interesting. Got a link for those? I’d be interested in them.

First-hand experience.

Amazon: Looked at all the options, checked the reviews, and bought some candle-shaped bulbs for the hallway. They lasted eight months before they all started going one-by-one.

Supermarket: one room was a bulb short and, as I didn’t have the budget for another Osram multipack then (and I couldn’t leave the light with no bulb), I picked up a single bulb when in Tesco. I forget exactly how long ago it was now, but that bulb has recently developed a dodgy connection as will flicker for the first minute after being turned on before settling down and shining properly.

:rofl: Not only that, but I will carefully check the fittings before going to the shops… and still end up getting the wrong ones :man_facepalming: Still, as I didn’t have a bulb surplus at that stage, they were still useful, just meant I ended up replacing some rooms in the wrong order, kind of.

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Yeah it’s here, that’s the screw type ones I’m assuming they do the bayonet version.

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Only dimmable. Can’t control the hue :confused:

I’d need to at the very least be able to have control over the shade of white. Most shades are too yellow for my tastes. The bluer the white, the better I can concentrate. And as nice as those Lumens would be, they’re too warm!

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Ah I didn’t look at the functionality to be fair just how bright it was

2020 has been sad enough, I don’t want my home to have sad lighting too!


A 1600 lumen bulb that works with Apple’s adaptive lighting feature would be :ok_hand:

Since hue got the update, it’s the only hue I’ve been using on my bulbs, it’s very nice.


I used to have a dawn simulator until it broke. I really need to get around to replacing it.

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I use generic LEDs I get off Amazon, no problems for me but the oldest would only be 2 1/2 years.

I have smart light switches with motion sensors everywhere, tonnes better than smart bulbs imo which are a pain.

The big enemy of LED light bulls is heat, so if you have enclosed fittings or the heat sinks on the bulbs are not adequate, they fail quite quickly. So for example I have enclosed bathroom lights that are close to the ceiling. I’ve tried all manner of makes and they all fail within 3-6 months, Phillips included.

Yet I’ve lots in my living room with metal heat sinks and they’re been running without issue for years, including some cheap ones from IKEA.


I feel like this is my time to shine.

Recently bought for the bathroom

Aigostar - GU10 LED 8W, 6400k

For all the house we use bayonet and these:

Opus - B22 LED 15W, 6500k

Oh and kitchen

Paul Russells - E27 R80 LED 12W, 6500k

(also recommend the 4000k cool white just takes the edge off it)

:sunglasses: constantly wearing sunglasses in our house