Yanny or Laurel?

(Simon B) #1

What do you hear?

  • Yanny
  • Laurel

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It’s the dress all over again!

What do you hear?
(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #2

I can hear both if I’m listening for either word.

(Jack) #3

Same here, although I initially heard Yanny first.

(#savetheseabass) #4

it’s always Yanny for me no matter how hard I try to hear Laurel


I hear Laurel. Can’t hear Yanny.

And the dress was only ever blue for me.

Am I broken?

(Tom ) #9

I hear Yanny. Can’t hear Laurel even when concentrating really hard. :exploding_head:

(Jonathon) #10

I hear Yanny. I actually can’t understand how anyone hears Laurel haha.

(Andrew Schofield) #11

I can hear both. If you focus on the high frequency sounds you hear Yanny, the low frequency, Laurel.
It depends if you can filter out (in your head) the frequencies though, and on the response curve of whatever audio hardware you’re listening to it on (in my case, a crummy USB headset).

(Campbell Prosser) #12

I can literally only hear Yanny. Does that say something about me? Who knows…


I can’t hear yanny at all!

(Dan) #14

I can only hear Yanny.

Fascinating how it’s split exactly 50/50

(Campbell Prosser) #15

I just played this to two people in the office sat next to each other and one said they Yanny and the other said Laurel :exploding_head:

(Jack) #16

From what I read somewhere else the most common theory behind it is that as you get older you loose the ability to hear high frequency sounds. Due to this you’ll only hear Laurel as it’s lower in frequency.
If you’re younger you’ll here Yanny as it’s higher in frequency.

Who knows :man_shrugging:

(#savetheseabass) #17

I struggle with low pitched due to a wasted youth of obscenely loud rock and metal

(Brandon Billingham) #18


(Heather) #19



Through my headphones I hear Laurel. Through my phone speaker I hear Yanny.


(Herp Derp) #21

Through my headphones I heard Dave on my MacBook I heard Barry.

Joke I heard Laurel

(Tom ) #22

Well now - I’ve just tried with headphones (rather than iPhone speaker) and now it’s Laurel too.

(Ian Lyon) #23

I heard both - it starts off as Yanny then within a split second also says Laurel.