XBOX Series X

I’ve got major FOMO with Destiny right now, I’ve not played properly in months because I’ve had so much on at work, juggling house purchase, daughter etc I feel like I’ve missed so much and dreading trying to get back into it after we’ve moved, luckily I have some good friends on the xbox that always help me catch up when I’ve been forced into hiatus but it definitely feels like chore sometimes trying to keep up

I use to love The Division and Borderlands as well but It’s now physically impossible for me to keep up in both Destiny and The Division :frowning: Had to make a choice unfortunately

I feel you! Yesterday was the first I’d played in months. I probably spent more time researching what stuff I’d missed, what stuff I can still do and need, which weapons to works towards etc, than I actually spent playing the game!

I’d been pretty busy during lockdown, and the only game I’d played during that period was Animal Crossing! I wanted to get back into Destiny, but it’s such a daunting process after being away for so long! I was half tempted just to leave it until the expansion, but I’m determined to complete the solstice stuff this year!

With Fortnite, I have this week to complete 9 weeks worth of challenges and get to tier 100 before season 4 drops! I’m not gonna bother and just wait for season 4.

Sea of Thieves is one of the few live service games where I don’t get that FOMO, and can just jump in once or twice every month or so, or when there is an in game event, or a new campaign without too much fuss.

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Seemingly prices have been revealed for the Xbox Series S and X.

$299 for S
$499 for X

I’d imagine this translates $ for £ but if this is pricing is true the S is a great entry point and $499 for the X is about right for a new console.

Hopefully this prompts Sony to reveal their price. 2 months out and next to no information on pricing.

Xbox Have confirmed the Series S pricing

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The Series S looks like something I would go for as I’m no longer that much into gaming so don’t care too much about available resolution

The lack of a disc drive is a bummer though. I have some of my favourite games on discs…

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If it was a phone or something I upgrade more frequently then I’d definitely get the Series S.

But I’ve had a 360/One since launch day both times, so I keep them a fair while. So in 3/4/5 years time when I’ve finally bought a 4K TV, will I regret that my console is stuck in 2020?

Confirmed at £249 in the UK, will be a bargain as a stream machine alongside xCloud!


Yeah that’s a p great price.

I won’t be buying until Summer 2021 I reckon so will probs just pick up an X in some sort of sale/bundle etc.

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That’s my thinking. Spread the price over 4/5/whatever years and another £100-200 to really future proof seems quite sensible to me at least.


They must be breaking even or making a loss on that console. Sounds like they’re betting the house on Games Pass.

£249 is such a good price.

May be wrong but I feel like I remember reading they made a loss on the One or 360 too?

And that maybe it’s always the case that they make more after sale through games and subscriptions.

No disk drive kills it for me but looks an excellent gamepass machine.

New console trailer:

And some tech specs:

I remember Microsoft definitely made a loss on each 360, and Sony also made a loss on each PS3.

I haven’t bought consoles since that generation, but I wouldn’t expect anything has changed materially. Seems the console is effectively a loss leader to get you into the ecosystem, and then the profit comes from everything you spend after that (Microsoft Gold, points, etc)

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  • EA Play being bundled with gamepass for free.

Let the hype begin.


Xbox all access pricing:

  • Series X with gamepass ultimate £28.99 for 24 months

  • Series S with gamepass ultimate £20.99 for 24 months

When you factor in that gamepass is £10.99 per month, Xbox all access works out cheaper than buying the console outright. :thinking:

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I am so going with all access, Microsoft are killing it!

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Must admit, all access is tempting me into a day 1 upgrade, where I otherwise would have held out for Halo before diving in.

I was also pretty set on the Series S despite being underwhelmed by the storage. Does it have the same storage expansion option as the series X?

An additional £8 per month makes it much easier to justify a jump to the series X for the additional horsepower and storage. I kind of wish there was a middle option with the specs of the X but the lack of a disc drive, which I don’t want or need.

Microsoft have got a lot right this time around in the hardware and services department.

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In the UK, Xbox All Access is exclusive to GAME and Smyths Toys, who act as the credit intermediaries.

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The Series S looks great, and although I feel like I need a disc drive I’ll probably pick one up on launch.

I’ve always been an Xbox man, but traded the One X for a PS4 Pro last summer because of the exclusives. Terrible choice — it’s loud, I miss the Elite controller, and I really don’t like the look of the PS5. Microsoft have totally won me back.

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