The Last Of Us Part II (PS4)

Sony just showed gameplay footage at E3.


I can’t wait!!!


Looks really good. Although the presentation of this entire showcase/E3 conference is so bizarre :face_with_monocle:

LOU does look pretty awesome. Some good game announcements so far this E3. I love the presentations they have such a high cringe factor!

I loved the look of Forza Horizon 4 at the Xbox presentation. Love that it’s set in UK that’ll be next on the list of games!

Can’t wait!

Also looking forward to:

Fallout 76
Spider man
Dying Light 2
Just Cause 4



Is it wrong that I bought TLOU a few months ago and haven’t yet played it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve had it years and still yet to complete it. I’m playing through it at the minute!

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The Last of Us is my all-time favourite; this gameplay trailer looked absolutely phenomenal and I need a release date. I’ll be taking a week off work and shutting myself off from the world. I can’t wait.


Finally, a release date! And I won’t spoil it but there’s a good reveal at the end of the trailer!

Delayed until May :pensive:

They’ve had long enough to polish the game, just give it to me! :star_struck:

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The day has come at long last!!!


I’ve still not finished the first one :pleading_face:

Waiting for the 93GB file to finish downloading… :rofl:

Getting to crazy file sizes! Not on launch but in a few years once they fully take advantage of the ps5 you will probably only be able to fit a couple of games on the 825gb HD… Hyper optic have our building in their sites. Going to need that gigabit connection…!

I am on Chapter 7 (I think) of the game “The Seraphites” and I am loving the new mechanics of the game so far - even the new zombies.

What I don’t like is killing the dogs :nauseated_face: (it’s near impossible to stealth attack if you don’t) I am playing the game on Very Light difficulty as I played the last game and this game for the amazing story, not the combat

Completed the game about 4 days back.

Jesus. That was brutal. Emotionally intense. But also some of the most amazing storytelling I’ve ever experienced in a game.

10/10 from me.


I totally agree. Thought it was a masterpiece! Glad that I saw nothing from the leak. The game is getting quite a lot of hate from some of the fans, which is a shame.

I think there is a huge level of emotional unintelligence to play this game, get all the way to the end and STILL be like “blargh abby killed joel and i hate her and you forced us to play as her, stupid naughty dog”

i mean, talk about missing the entire point of the story.


The ending was very sad. Not about which characters die or didn’t die, but what happened at the very end when Ellie goes back home for the final time… :sob: