PS4 Or Xbox One

What Do People Prefur PS4 or Xbox One

PS4 for me. All my mates agreed go get one when it launched so we could play together.
Ultimately they are largely similar and for a lot of people it boils down to the cost / social aspect (as did it with me).

I Prefur PS4


I Prefur PS4 aswell


PC rules them all, but I do prefer and use a PS4 Pro :partying_face:

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Its ok for some to have the Pro lol

PS4 Pro for me.

PS4 for sure.

Between The Last of Us Part II, Shenmue 3, Days Gone, Yakuza 3 (HD) and Ghost of Tsushima, it’s going to be a helluva year for Sony.


Sony & Nintendo have a bumper year ahead. Presuming Nintendo get a fully fledged Pokémon game out and introduce the new, rumoured version of the Switch.

Microsoft still need to acquire some more studios for me. Their first party, exclusive line up still sucks, even if the X is more powerful then the Pro.

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Xbox one for me.

Controller is the best thing… especially the elite controller.

I’ve ever liked the Xbox pad, but the only way I can substantiate it in my own mind is that I’ve very rarely own a Microsoft console product.

Plus it’s always felt a bit too big for my hands.

I like the Xbox One. I’ve been on Xbox since the first one came out so I’ve sort of stuck with it, largely because of the backwards compatibility. Always enjoyed the chunky controller too.

Another vote for PS4 for me.

Definitely xbox for me. I personally much prefer the UI on the xbox OS, plus the controller which is far superior to the playstation controller.

I have the playstation as well, but only get games for it that are either exclusive or that I may play online with friends, since most of my friends are on Playstation.

I also had to replace the playstation controller with a nacon pro controller because just the idea of using the standard one put me off playing any of the games :sweat_smile:

Much prefer Xbox. I do own a standard PS4 and a Xbox One X. My PS4 is an exclusives machine and I play the Microsoft first party titles and third party titles on my Xbox.

I’ve always been with Xbox. I prefer the OS, controller, Xbox Live and Game Pass (although it hasn’t been around forever) is great value! As much as I love Halo and Forza, playstation definitely have a stronger 1st party lineup.

I’m really interested to see what will happen next generation. Xbox should be in a much better place than they were at the start of this gen. I’m interested to see if they will buy any more studios and what the new studios will produce. I’m also interested in seeing how Microsofts streaming service goes as it’s built on custom hardware in Azure (although I’m still skeptical).

I’m also intrigued how PlayStation continue the success of their first party lineup and how any new hardware will stack up.

In my eyes, competition is great for everyone and next generation is looking good :fire:

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PS4 for me…

Xbox one for me. Easy decision though as my son upgraded to Xbox one X and gave me his old Xbox one.
I’m loving Forza Horizon 4!

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Let’s get the fanboy flaming started! :sunglasses:

I’ve a PS4 and a Switch - both amazing machines!

I have both but prefer the Xbox because of the controller, you can play long periods of time with no problems, with the PS4 controller my hands start to hurt after a while

After my Wii I bought a PS3, primarily for the Blu–ray compatibility, then upgraded to a PS4 Pro as I found I quite enjoyed gaming.