Mortal Kombat 11

Any MK fans here? Anyone picking this up? I can’t wait :slight_smile:


I think I might actually have to go out and buy the new PlayStation… I was doing so well at not buying new gaming consoles.

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The PS4? Totally worth it. Have you played The Last of Us? It’s life-changing. And the sequel is out sometimes this year or early next.

Yep I played it on the PS3. Loved it!

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Then you definitely need to get a PS4 ahead of the sequel coming out. And for Uncharted 4, which for me rivals The Last of Us as the best game Naughty Dog have ever made.

And Shenmue 3 which is coming out later this year :slight_smile: And the Yakuza series.

There’s seriously so many great games on the PS4, for me it easily won this console generation.

PlayStation or Xbox or is this a hard decision? Girlfriend has an Xbox and I have not got one over the excuses I give myself about my GameCube being fine.

PS4, no question!

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