‘X’ Left over

Can someone shed a little light on the ‘£ left over’ predictions.

How is this calculated? I have a buffer of £1000 in my account and if I were to spend the ‘£ left over’ that actually becomes less than my buffer.

Does it take my budgets per category and add them together and then subtract each time I spend?

Anyway I’d really like a little more info as I’m finding the budgeting features but I’m not 100% on this particular part

Thank you in advance


It subtracts what you’ve spent from your overall monthly budget

It divides the budget by the days in the month to work out if it thinks you’ll have anything left over


In the help section of the app is a guide that hopefully helps explain this


You can switch it off totally too. It never reflected my account usage, so it was easier switching it off and forgetting about it

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