What does “ left to spend “ mean in the app

Never known what this means since joining Monzo.

What happens after I reach 0 days to spend? Does it go into the pot? what?

It’s the amount you’ve budgeted in that period

When it’s gone it means you’ve spent more than you planned

Don’t remember setting a budget also the help to spend seems to be whatever my current balance is, but thanks

If you haven’t then it’s this

Or it’s based off the amount you started with divided by the number of days in the month. Splurge and it predicts you won’t have enough left for the rest of the month

I switched mine off, the figures were always worthless so far easier to not have it displayed for me

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It’s the amount in your account after scheduled bills have been taken out… It’s the amount of money you actually have left. It’ll converge with the balance as bills are taken.

It really should be presented the other way around IMO - left to spend in bold, balance as a footnote, as balance is really not a useful number.

Takes all sorts though, not everyone likes it.

It’s your current balance, minus any spend that Monzo knows will happen in the future.

My current balance is £100
Between now and next pay day, I have an energy bill direct debit for £20, and a Netflix payment for £10.
My Left To Spend should show as £70 left to spend until {next pay day}

Okay thak you that explains it thanks


Yeah I understand

Going to do this, thanks everyone!

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I’m sure it works for some people but I gave it 2 months and it just didn’t make any sense at all. I’m not missing much as I use the bills pot for all the bills to come out of and I transfer savings and food shopping elsewhere so I know that anything left after that is just general spending

fair enough. Monzo is like a 3/4 account for me