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Hello there.
So I am currently confused as when I check the Monzo banking app it tells me that I have 150 in my current account but 250 left to spend. I’m not sure what the difference is as I have no outgoings or transactions to go out. I don’t have a saver pot.
I have tried to disable all the budgets but I do t know what else to do.
I have also transfered the 150 into another separate bank account that isn’t Monzo thinking maybe it will then put the 250 into my current account but it hasn’t and has stayed in the left to spend part.
Please help.


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In settings you should find “Labs” in there see if there’s an option to hide left to spend, that should get rid of it.

But possibly last month you received money mid month which it thinks you’ll get again.

Hope that helps


Don’t be fooled into thinking you have more money somewhere. There’s no extra £250. There’s just a problem with your budgets. If they are disabled this number should go away. So either you haven’t disabled them properly or there is a problem with the app.

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There’s no connection between the budget amount and your actual balance. You could have a quid in your account and budget of a million.

Eg I have £70 and set it to have £150 for the next five days until a pretend payday.

It’s a case of fixing the budget amount. Tap on the pie chart and then target and calendar.

Or if you want to hide it go to settings > Monzo labs and toggle the first option and close and open the app.

So much wasted space wish it could be reduced.

I think the left to spend gives you a visible guide to whether you are spending within your budget, which you have set up in the app , or not , its for the user to set their budget to equal the initial balance in their account at the start of the period they are budgeting for , ie payday receive £1000 , set the values in your budget categories to total £1000, if you overspend in one category it will tell you you will run out of money by the end of the month and you can hopefully adjust your spending to reign in in a particular category , or not spend as much in another category. If you dont set your budget at the start of the period it will be meaningless and as you say a waste of space , if you set it , it will help you stay within your finances. If you set your budget at a £10,000 you won’t run out of money in your left to spend circle, but it won’t be a true reflection of your finances for the month because you never had £10,000 in the first place …put crap information in, get crap information out

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