Money left over broken? [It's not broken, it's an estimate]

I just set up my account, deposited just over £400, and now it says I’m set to have £272 left over??

I have no scheduled bills or anything, are they just gonna rob me?

a) Yes, Monzo will take away your money because that’s what regulated banks do

b) No, the left to spend shows an estimate of how much you’re likely to have left over at the end of the month if you continue spending as you have been until now. It’s just Monzo trying to be helpful but your money won’t be touched by anyone else

One of the above answers is correct



I haven’t spent anything.

It’s just a prediction and probably needs more data

What have you set your budget period up as?

It’s called a tax. It’s how banks make money.

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I bet you have made a purchase for around £14 yesterday out of the £400 odd you deposited yesterday (?) , and you have 9 days left in the month, so Monzo assumes the £14 a day you spend is what you will spend each day in the remaining 9 days of the month, so you will end up with roughly £272 (estimated) at the end of the month if you carry on spending as your previous history suggests ie 1 day at £14 total for the day :slight_smile:

  • The big black figure on your main feed is what you actually have in your account
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Have you subscribed to Premium?

Always assume the worst I guess :man_shrugging:

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It is more logical to assume the bank are stealing your money than literally every other possible option


Oh this is funny. I had to laugh reading this…:man_facepalming: