WWDC 2021 Discussion

Indeed they can. But I personally haven’t seen a better solution of quickly skipping through an alphabetical list.

I’d take that over Apple library.

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I think the issue is that even if the folders are well organised you still have to hunt for the folder and then the app within the folder. There’s no muscle memory in the process.

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There is no muscle memory initially, as the system creates the sorting, but after that there is. Unless you install or uninstall a lot of apps the library has fixed positions for all the apps in categories, except for the suggested category.

The suggested category tries to guess which apps you are likely to want, so it mainly changes based on time of day (and what you have used your phone for at this time in the past). So suggested is supposed to be automatically correct most of the time, and is at the top of the list so no scrolling.

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My categories keep shifting, I swear! I tried to open apps using muscle memory but then I find myself in the wrong folder

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That’s weird.

I am sure mine haven’t moved for ages! But maybe they have and I haven’t noticed?


The categories actually do move! It uses the same logic as it does for choosing which 3 apps in a category to give prominence to on the main screen. The more you use an app category, the more it moves up towards the top of the list. Suggestions and recent are always at the very top though. This is the one aspect that does mess with my muscle memory.


That’s probably why I haven’t noticed then!

On the rare occasion I do open App Library, it’s only really for suggestions or recent.

If I literally never use the other categories at all, then they probably all have the same bottom priority and don’t move as a result?

Anyway, scratch what I said earlier about the order being easy to remember.

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Mine do. On the fourth row down, the two categories keep swapping around.


For me, there are 3 folders that like to move around and swap places with one another. In my use it seems to largely depend on which category of apps I’ve been opening more frequently. I suspect time of day influences it too but to a lesser extent.

Also starts occurring on the fourth row down for me, with Other, Information & Reading, and Entertainment occasionally swapping around with each other. Shopping & Food might have moved up actually too. I’m sure that used to be lower down. The rest of my folders are rather stationary.

It’s a weird one, because sometimes this messes with my muscle memory and I get confused and find myself questioning if that folder was always where it currently is. Just like I did with shopping just then. But it also doesn’t interfere with muscle memory too much, because I can’t say it has impeded my ability to locate the app I’m looking for at a glance. I still locate it very quickly. I suppose it’s because the folders don’t stray too far from where you expect them to be.

I hope it’s something they keep working on with future versions of iOS. It’s time iOS had a better way at managing all the hundreds of apps we have and I believe App Library is a good start towards an alternative to pages of home screens that we have to manage ourselves. I don’t think it should ever replace the Home Screen, rather just augment it in sorting and managing our app libraries so the app we want is easier and more efficient to find.

I think much of this comes down to how we individually process, store, and recall information. I better identify and recognise my apps by their icon than their name. Take that tree icon next my Reddit app and dark sky for instance. I recognise the app as my animal crossing companion app from the icon. But I don’t remember what the app is called, so I wouldn’t instantly know what to search for in Spotlight to find it. Yet in App Library I can glance and identify it almost instantly.

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I’m 100% with you on this, IMO the app library is completely crap, they should at least make it so you can choose the default view of the library, categories or list.

The list has allowed me to remove a lot apps from home screen but still scroll through and find them easily if i want to, I still have 3 screens of organised apps, but I occasionally use the list.

I’d also like them to add options to toggle the visibility of screens in the shortcuts app. You can toggle it in jiggle mode so why not with shortcuts. I have a screen of apps I use for work, I’d love to be able to automate it so they hide outside of office hours or something of that ilk


This would be great.

There’s already the ability to switch watch faces in this way so would be consistent with that to some degree.