Apple WWDC 2022

I’m late posting this, but I was going to wait until it started, then I realised the thread for this last year began when the invites went out, so thought I’d start it now so the speculation can begin. And also for a little crowdsourcing I’ve been asked to help with, but didn’t want to make a dedicated topic for.

As I’m sure you all know by now, invites for WWDC went out on schedule in March and the event runs from June 6 through June 10, with the big day being on the Monday, June 6! Let’s speculate and share our hopes!

Again, hoping for proper Xcode on iPad, and some iPad advancements in general. IPhone is at a place now where I think it’s got enough, and care little for the new updates in recent years. Outside of a complete overhaul, I’d rather efforts be focused on the other systems.

I’d love to see more on their foray into fintech too!

Now, the crowdsourcing I’ve been asked to help with. A friend of mine involved with the iCloud side of things involving services like iMessage and FaceTime as well is looking for some ideas to propose to their team to run by leadership. No guarantees anything will come of suggestions, but they’re open to outside ideas, so I thought I’d see what the community here would like to see.


Apple Card UK? :crossed_fingers:


Apple Car


unashamed copy & paste from last year. Same as Apple Card, but without the ‘d’


What’s gonna come to the U.K. first?

  • Apple Car
  • Apple Card

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I hope Apple Card as I probably won’t be able to afford the Apple Car. :joy:


For iMessage, I want to know how many messages I’ve missed in that group.

Sometimes my phone says I have 50 messages and then when I go into iMessage, I have 4 convos with a little blue dot. But I have no idea how active each convo is.


I never knew it didn’t tell you, just a :large_blue_circle:

  • improved threading in iMessage (just copy WhatsApp / Telegram
  • keep position in iMessage (don’t default to the end of a conversation
  • RCS

I wonder if there would be much impact to network stability moving from sms to RCS IE improvement due to reduced load.


Seconded! It feels like they just wanted to come up with something different for the sake of it even though the problem has already been solved perfectly by every single other messaging app at this point.

Also ability to mark conversations as unread on iMessage.

My only iCloud desire will presumably never happen as I would like the tiers to be less user hostile. The jump in space and price between 200GB and 2TB is ridiculous and classic apple abrasiveness (same as their insistence on keeping around tiny iPhone storage sizes for so long).


I’ll pass it on, but I imagine that’s more marketing’s purview than Engineering, so probably won’t happen, or definitely won’t be influenced by their team. :laughing:

Some scalding in the press might do it, particularly during iphone reviews.

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The same probably applies to the 59p tier, I don’t care about the money, I just find it annoying I buy a £1200 phone and then have to pay more for storage.


I’m always up for criticising Apple over their pricing, but to be honest 2TB of iCloud storage is great value and was significantly cheaper than other providers when it launched.


I suspect the first iteration of push notifications for web apps may make an appearance.

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Me too!

For iMessage, synchronisation across devices. Really hate how if I delete a message on my phone it doesn’t just delete on my other devices.

Also the same but for music. I can’t believe that it doesn’t do this already

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This is a technological limitation with their approach. It’s the same on apps like Signal. When your messages aren’t constantly stored on and synced with the server, but rather only exist locally, it’s not possible to sync that.

However, messages in iCloud overcomes this limitation, and if you enable it, fixes this issue. If you’re comfortable with messages in iCloud, you should turn it on. It’s a much better experience. Can take a while to get everything synced up though, especially if you have a lot.

Can you expound? What specifically isn’t syncing here? Music is definitely supposed to sync! It’s worth heading to settings > music and making sure sync library is turned on.

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Music does?

Make sure you have the right setting on:

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Sorry I should’ve been more specific.

I mean if you start playing a song on say your iPhone and then pick up your iPad it should know you were playing that song and continue where you left off etc. Ala Spotify :slight_smile:


Not for me it doesn’t. Yes, my messages sync (in that If reply on my phone my watch will know what I said etc).

But if I delete the message on my phone, it will still appear on my watch, iPad and Mac. And I have to delete the same message many times.

So, fixing that is what I’d like to see Apple do next

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Ah I see what you mean.

I’ve never in my life swapped devices mid-song so I’d never have the need for this, and I guess it’s not as big of an issue for Apple to focus on right now.

Handoff works similar to this, and I have used that. When I am out listening to a podcast I get home, tap my iPhone on my HomePod and it plays the podcast from where I was at on my iPhone. I think it does it with music too.

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