Apple WWDC 2024

Apple have announced WWDC 2024. June 10th. Mixed reality. Deets here:

Starting the discussion now so all the fun and games can begin. Speculate away! Share what you hope to see. What are you looking forward to?


The next iOS beta so I can have a summer full of bugs.

Hopefully a bit of iOS redesign like macOS / visionOS.

Not fussed about the rumoured new Home Screen, mine hasn’t changed for literally 5 years.

Also not too fussed about AI, I continue to not engage with it


Obvs A.I. related.


I’d like improvements to the photos app. I have folders and duplicates and not easy/seamless ways of adding more photos to these folders without the effort of remembering.

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For me:

Proper cross device support for music. I still can’t believe you can’t start a song on one device, pause it and pick it up on another.

Improvements to journal.

Maybe some new nicer analogue watch faces and slightly better stability.

But that’s possibly it for me. I’ve become less and less interested in the betas the last year*

*absolutely will be downloading on day one because I’m an idiot and get FOMO.


Obviously AI will be coming to iOS, and there’s even talk about more customisation of the home screen…But what I would like to see is Apple constraint on reliability and bug fixes. iOS, of late, seems very buggy. I think majority of people are in the same camp as me - we are not overly bothered about big changes to iOS, we just want more reliability and less bugs.

Me either, I’ve had almost the same exact layout since my iPhone 7 lol.

This is a big one for me. I use AM now, but Spotify Connect is the one feature I still really miss…

Used to be so seamless having songs playing on my Google Home getting ready for work, and then the song picking up exactly where it left off when I got in the car. :ok_hand:



I really hope they don’t turn my HomePod Mini’s into paperweights with this…


I can’t imagine a scenario where that would be the case. Worst that will happen is they’ll just be left on Siri 1.0 until Apple release a model refresh with fast enough hardware for Siri GPT.

This is a company that’s renowned for the longevity of its device support, so they aren’t just going to brick an entire range.

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iOS would have to do the following to tempt me back from my Pixel 8 Pro to an iPhone:

  • Decent call screening features. I switched to the Pixel from the iPhone primarily because iOS has had far too basic call handling features for years with little improvement. Third-party apps are dreadful. The Pixel’s call screen and transcription services are brilliant, have helped me enormously, as has the spam blocking features.

  • Transcription in the recording app. Really, really useful in meetings (assuming you get everybody’s permissions) and the ability to summarise the content.

  • Organising icons on the home screen in the exact order I want them effortlessly, with spaces - if necessary. So in effect, iOS has to borrow one of Android’s best features.

If Apple can make a few more tweaks, I’d happily go back.

Strong reports to suggest this one will be coming in iOS 18. Only 2 to go… :wink:


The features you want and praise Pixel for here were introduced in iOS 17. I imagine they’ll be expanded further with iOS 18’s on device machine learning advancements.

It’s coming in iOS 18. In the meantime, there are apps for that.

Also coming in iOS 18. In the meantime, with a little bit of effort, there are shortcuts for that.

Has it? Or is it US only? I don’t receive many calls but I don’t have the fancy voice mail transcription thing that they mentioned in the keynote. So for all intents and purposes it doesn’t exist.

Indeed. This is the first I heard of it, and I was running iOS 17 on the 15 Pro Max up to whatever was the latest production release at the end of February. But something iOS 17 definitely does not have is a “Direct My Call” feature which transcribes many phone menu systems and “Hold My Call” which allows you to put the phone down and have it alert you when somebody has started talking.

The iPhone definitely does not have access to a central “spam” block list which it can use to tag and/or filter incoming calls. Third-party apps can do this, yes - but I found them unreliable.

I sometimes think that Apple has forgotten the iPhone is a phone.


Me either, definitely don’t have this and I get calls quite often.


Does the pixel also have the “answer for me” thing available in the UK? Or is that still US-only?

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Answer for me is still US only

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