Wrong information

Need help, my documents are being rejected as i forgot that my passport name differs from my normal name can i get support to help me correct this?

You’ve applied and been rejected?

Your only option is to email help@monzo.com and explain.

Is this account for you and for you only? Nobody has asked you to set an account up for them? Seems strange to forget your own name.


Can you have a preferred name on your passport? :confused: I thought it had to be your “normal name” otherwise that also becomes invalid.

I think they mean their preferred name (which I presume they put on the Monzo application) differs from their legal name as it appears on the passport

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Ive emailed them they asked to keep trying til i can chat someone chatted someone and they asked me to redownload which i did and it sent me back to the point where it asks me to take a photo of the passport and a video about wanting a monzo card and yes its for me alone i did not read that it asked me to put my passport name which was my fault

Sadly no i cant change it :((

Yep exactly this

I can understand this happening, from my own experience of working with people from many diverse countries.

I’ve found confusion can arise if transliteration is involved, as over time someone may change how they transliterate their name (for example, Tse-tung / Zedong).

The other scenario I’ve come across is when someone’s ID has their full name on it, but they use a shortened or simplified form in daily life to make things easier (for example, when Thandiwe became Thandie).


TS Anil should have been your go to example :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My kid actually has two perfectly valid passports from different countries* with different names in it. Easy enough to forget which is which…

* actually: they have 3, but only 2 names

Fun story: I once booked a flight for the kid under one name, but on check in produced the passport with the other name. So I go like “oh, yeah, sorry. wrong passport. here is the one with the name you were expecting”.

I guess you can imagine how that went down :expressionless:


Depending on how different the names appear, my guess is on a quick friendly chat with border police?

how different the names appear

They are actually different names.




definitely not


“Yeah alright Jason Bourne, come with me”

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Haha, expected as much. At a risk of derailing the conversation, how is it possible that they have different names in different passports? Whenever I have to renew mine, they ask for all other passports to ensure that the details match and they can raise a racket over as little as a hyphen. If you happen to satisfy them that there’s a good reason, they usually put an observation on the observations page to say “XY is also known as ABY”

Different countries have different customs …

It’s only the UK that does this. Never had to renew that one yet. The other two pay no attention to the other passports

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True, but also, it would be pretty pointless doing ID checks if they accepted IDs in a name other than the one of the person applying. Unsurprisingly when it comes to any kind of ID check, be it the border police or a bank account application, it’s quite a big red flag when names don’t match, and it isn’t always possible to backtrack, so it is really better to remember what the name on your documents is!

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