Change the name appear in the card

I registered myself with monzo and waiting for my card to be delivered. Yet there has to be an alteration of the name which will be coming up on the card.
I gave my name correctly when registering but there is a mistake in my passport which I have uploaded as my ID. However there is an alteration done in the relevant page of it as well. I think my name has been taken as it appears in the passport.

Therefore Could you please assist me to get my monzo card whith correct spelling?

Hi, I am sorry this happens to you.

This forum normally is customer to customer support with respect to how to use Monzo functions.

I think your specific query can only be resolved by the customer services team.

I think in Monzo one can have the full legal name, and preferred name and the two can be different. And I think preferred name is used for the card.

Drop them a message in chat, search for support in the app’s help section.

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We have to use your legal name as it appears on your passport - so to update your legal name on your account you’ll either to send us (via chat!) another form of ID with the correct name on, or get your passport updated.

However if you get in touch with us through the app then we can update your preferred name and you can have this on future cards :relaxed:


Thank you for the reply. Didn’t realise this was a forum for the customers.(my bad).

Anyway the App doesn’t allow any further activities until I activate the card I guess. However the issue is with my surname which appears in both preferred and legal name. It doesn’t make a huge difference yet I’m a bit concerned about it.

Like you said I’ll try to get in touch with someone in the team.
Thanks :blush:

Thank you Dan😊

As I have mentioned for my previous reply, the App doesn’t allow me with any further activities until I activate my card which I haven’t received yet.

So the issue is with my surname which appears in both legal and preferred name. Though it’s a minor mistake which can be ignored, I’m a bit concern about it.

However if you can sent me a link to contact the customer service of Monzo that’ll be great.

Thank you

If you want to contact customer service just use the search feature of the app to search for something like “get in touch” and you should get a link to use the Chat.

Some features of the app are limited until you activate your card - it’s probably easiest to wait until the card arrives and then use the instructions @SebH provided above to message in the chat.

If your card hasn’t arrived within the next few days give us a call (using the number on our website) and we’ll be able to get a replacement sent out.

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I hadn’t thought of that @Dan5.

Good advice! :+1:

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