Wrong beneficiary name on business "Add money" screen

Issue: The beneficiary name on the business “Add money” screen is wrong. My personal name is shown instead of the business name.

Details to reproduce: Open a business account. Press the “Add money” button under the picture of the business card, then choose “Regular bank transfer”.
OS: Android
Device: Pixel 2
App Version: 3.39.0


Thanks for flagging this Stephen, we’re looking into what we share with regards to legal and business trading names. In the meantime can you try going to “Account” (under your business card), then “Share Details” - that should currently be sharing your business/trading name.

@sde1000 @richardleggett I thought that it was only me that this was annoying, funnily enough only yesterday I was in a drawn out conversation with the ops on chat about exactly the same thing and was told that they are now aware of it and will be looking into it.

TBH if you are sending a customer your bank details it’s not very professional not having your business name in the text etc

At the moment all you can do is edit the text to remove your personal name and replace it with your business name. It’s not good though and another little frustration.

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