"Share details" on account information uses incorrect name

Using the “share details” button, this generates a block of text including account number, sort code, IBAN etc. It also includes your name. If your account is using a different name to your full legal name (e.g. your given name), this generated block of text will use your full name and not the one that the account is registered as using, meaning that people trying to transfer money to you will see a warning that the account details don’t match. Given this option presumably exists to share your details to others so they can make transfers, it seems that it should use the name your account is registered under and not your full name.

Details to reproduce:
On the Monzo home screen, click the account details at the top of the screen (e.g. “Current Account”), this opens a screen with account details and options.
Under the “Account Details” section, at the bottom, click “Share details”
Inspect the copied text. The text will include the account owner’s full legal name, not the one the account is registered under.


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To use preferred name not your birth name?

More whichever name the account is registered to, which is not necessarily the full legal name.

I’ve edited the original post to be clearer

It would use the full legal name from the documents you provided on sign-up, and then your preferred name for your card and statements.

No idea why they do it this way. As your full legal name is what the bank is required to obtain.

You’re asking for them to only make visible your preferred name (however you chose it to be) via the share method.