MoneyDashboard issues with Monzo

Have just tried MoneyDashboard given they are crowdfunding at the moment. The idea is great. I connected my Monzo account but they forgot to mention that it does not work with Monzo which I found out 20 hours after logging a support ticket. They say they are working with Monzo to resolve the issue but no time line. Looks like they do just not care that this a a critical bug. The issue strikes at the heart of Monzo instant advice as transactions are taken at the initial value in Monzo and not updated so all foreign, pay at pump petrol and hotel bills are all brought across at the wrong value. Pay at pump come across at £1 so in my case are some £50 to £60 short.

Monzo should them selves have a warning that their account just does not work with MoneyDashboard

I use Money Dashboard and my Monzo account is connected.

So is mine but the transactions come across at the wrong value and are not updated

No help to you I appreciate - but I have used MDB with Monzo for many months without issue. I think there must something wrong with your account set-up. Have you tried the old “uninstall - reinstall” trick? R-

Their own support has confirmed this. See quote below


Thanks for your email and sorry you are having problems with the pending amount not updating the final amount after the payment has been taken.

Currently, because of the way our system works with Monzo accounts, it pulls through the initial transaction as soon as it is available, but unfortunately it is not yet able to identify if there is an updated amount after the transaction is in our system. We`are looking into ways to resolve this with Monzo, but I’m afraid there is no current timescale for this.

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Well, that’s poor. Most of my Monzo transactions are overseas spending [one reason I got the account] so if the amount in GBP was close to what I was expecting I took it as correct - I mean, they are a bank right?

I will more closely monitor what happens with this and check with them to see if all linked Monzo accounts are affected.

Thanks for the heads up. R-