Wrisk: flexible insurance that adapts to fit your life

If this is as good as it looks then I’m gonna sign up now, I’m just wondering if it covers Philips Hue Bulbs :thinking:

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From the app:
image image image

Things in your home

If you think about moving house, all the items you take with you are ‘Things in your home’ (please make sure you check the exclusions below)… we also cover your landlord’s contents (if you need it).

Our policy works by you choosing an overall limit (up to £20,000) and within this, certain things can’t exceed an item limit.

Covered up to £1,500 per item

Items include (but aren’t limited to):

Ornaments, pictures and art

Home electronics e.g. TVs, gaming consoles

Clothes, bags and shoes

Books and toys

Personal appliances e.g. hairdryers and electric razors

Make-up, perfume & medicines

Soft furnishings e.g. carpets, rugs and throws

Sports & camping equipment

Items without an item limit


Household appliances i.e. whitegoods

Items covered up to £150

The following items​ are covered whilst in the home up to a maximum of £150 per item. Items above this value in these categories must be individually specified in the app.

Portable electronics

Musical instruments



Optional cover

Accidental damage

Not covered

Mobile phones

Business stock & equipment


Permanent fixtures and fittings e.g. bathrooms and kitchens

Frozen food


Plants or living creatures



I’ll send that to Wrisk but probably won’t get an answer tonight.

Edit: or you could look in the referral wiki for another?

Do you not get £5 also?

Looks like it :+1:

Bit surprised it isn’t mentioned when you copy the link.

That’s if it works :frowning:

Ah, maybe fixed?

:eyes: they’re watching


Added it

I want it to start on the 1st but it says to come back on that day, I’ll more than likely forget tbh.

They should have a calendar to allow future start dates.


Yeah, I raised this when I first started using them. Guess it’s low priority as it will only affect you once - but first impressions count. Are you able to ask in their chat if they are going to do anything about this?

Yes Discourse, I’m having a nice chat with Danny.


Judging by your PM I think they are watching so :eyes:

Also :joy_cat:

Just to fool Discourse I’ll reply to Emma who won’t have a clue why unless she reads my previous post :+1:



You and Danny were having such a nice chat :grin:

Give it a couple of weeks and i’ll be using your code as well


Thank you, I’ll keep the code and use when I start my cover.
A bit unsure about the extras, for example if I have a content cover my laptop is covered when inside my house while with the extra also when outside + theft and loss?
Or for home electronics, why should I buy an extra for example for my tv when it should be included in the main cover?
I don’t have a content cover at the moment so I will probably start with that, I was wondering if 3k is actually enough but being honest I don’t have any Van Goghs :rofl: :slight_smile:

Not bad for 5k cover with accidental damage:

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I’ve used Wrisk for a couple of a months now. The app is great and so much easier than phoning up insurance companies - I’ve made several changes adding on new devices etc in the app and it just updates your policy.

Mine has Macbook Pro, Ipad pro, Apple Watch, Airpods and general contents for around £10 a month.

I haven’t been through a claim process though so time will tell…

Code if anyone wants one:


I just came across Urban Jungle and it does look cheaper than Wrisk. Am I missing something? Did anyone try it?

Wrisk are Crowdfunding on Seedrs soon.

See: https://wrisk.seedrs.com/

Obligatory if it’s your first time on Seedrs get a referral message…


Just wanted to advise Wrisk’s Seedrs campaign is public now and almost 60% of target, with over 280 investors :muscle:

There’s an exclusive update just made on the Seedrs platform for this campaign:


Great news today. Already invested but it definitely is looking good :grin:

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I was looking at Wrisk went through the lot but has we have 4 ipads and 2 iphones it would push us to more than we pay now, I was looking at chaning my insurance from MoreThan, checking online today and the renewal for it came through £12 a year cheaper this year :wink:

Covers i contents only £75,000 sum insured, with full accidental damage in home and outside home, bicycles outside also, money and jelery lost outside provide lgal cover too £30 a month all excesses £100

Hey there

The Wrisk product has been designed to insure those who have lower sum of total assets to insure - typically someone who may be renting and are building up their assets. So I can see why Wrisk’s current offering doesn’t quite meet your needs.

Wrisk are working towards being able to accommodate folks such as yourselves who have higher-value insurance needs in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the app - hope you liked it!