Wrisk: flexible insurance that adapts to fit your life

I do rent a house and have no wear near probs £25,000 :slight_smile:

Been with them for 9 years and only now really checked the renewal normally just get ti check the amount each month then bin it :wink:

Did anyone have any experience with SBS? My bed broke and they are sending this 3rd party company to visit my flat and check the damage. I was wondering how long does it take for them to come and decide. thanks

We should wait till they claim Truspilot profile and some reviews start flowing in…
Website looks good, but that is not enough. Need some legit reviews…

Anyone got any reviews / promo code for Wrisk?

It’s looking very tempting for contents & mobile insurance atm

Any of these work?

You have been given £5 off your first Wrisk insurance cover.
To claim your gift, download Wrisk from the Apple App Store and buy a policy using the promo code: gmR8tCfV

Anyone had any recent good or bad experiences with Wrisk? I’m looking for new contents insurance and I like that it’s app based like Monzo.

I’m currently using Wrisk :slight_smile: It ended up being 49p cheaper than Urban Jungle and was more flexible with specifying individual items through the app without any fuss :sunglasses:

Seems like a pretty neat app, I would love to get car insurance from them in the future (assuming the pricing is competitive) but that won’t happen in time for my renewal this year :see_no_evil:


Cool thanks :blush: were you able to choose your monthly payment date?

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I believe Wrisk normalise all of their payments so they land on the 1st of each month :slight_smile:

For instance, if you join now and pay £10 (for example), they’d work out a daily price from now until the end of October and charge you less on the 1st of Nov. as you’ve essentially overpaid for October.

Hopefully that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Has anyone ever claimed? There seems to be zero information on how Wrisk are with actual claims, right now I’m looking for insurance but I’m not sure if I’d go with someone if I don’t know how they may be when it comes to an actual claim happening.

Yes, I have. Knocked my iPad off my kitchen worktop and it landed face down on hard kitchen tiles :slightly_frowning_face:
Replaced with no problems and money was back in my bank very quickly.
One satisfied customer here.
Hope they come out with travel insurance soon.


That’s great thanks for the information. I think I’ll very likely use them for my new place.

Have you tried Pluto?

They call themselves the Monzo of Travel Insurance.

Just had a look - they only cover 18-46 year olds so that rules me out :older_man:t3:

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Didn’t expect this


Seemingly the key nugget:

Partnering with well-loved brands to offer you, our customers, flexible insurance at the point at which you buy a product or service, has proven to be the best way for us to transform the insurance experience at its core.

So going down the Klarna-style route and integrating with websites, so you get a “HEY YOU SHOULD ADD COVER” when you press Check Out.

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MyUrbanJungle.com here I come :unamused:


Interesting - not seen those guys before I don’t think.

Not terrible rates either.

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Ah yes, the message I will immediately close because my lizard brain instinctively says “this is going to be overpriced and underspecced, look up insurance later if you need it”. This makes it far less likely I will ever insure with Wrisk now.

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