Urban Jungle Insurance

I noticed a few months ago when Wrisk insurance was closing down a few people on the forum were moving to Urban Jungle. Just wondering how people have found it?

I am looking at them now for contents insurance and like the simplicity of it (just like Wrisk) vs traditional insurance companies.

One thing I’m still unsure about - after lots of investigating - is whether it’s still a good idea to have separate mobile phone insurance like Monzo Premium or Apple Care +? or just go with the “outside the home” cover of the contents insurance?

Depends how much you intend to claim but personally I am more than happy with phone insurance on my contents. I’ve never actually made a phone insurance claim and it’s several years since I lost a phone. I probably wouldn’t claim just for a phone either, the insurance is really there in case I lose, say, my MacBook and my phone at the same time and I’m down a few thousand pounds.

If you are someone who somehow loses or breaks their phone all the time, though, that’s going to put your content insurance premiums up of you keep claiming on your home insurance so you are better off with phone insurance, although you have to weigh up the costs of that.

For many people it would just be better to buy a cheaper phone they can afford to replace.


The last time I had to do an insurance claim for a phone was the iPhone 3G :joy: and I am on my 6th iPhone model since then (12 Pro), so definitely not a frequent claimer!

If I needed to claim I think accidental damage would be much more likely for me than loss.

I’ve used Urban Jungle for more than 18 months and I’m a happy customer - very simple and hassle free (good pricing too given its a rolling monthly contract).

Can’t speak to using the policies for mobile cover as I’ve never used home or content insurance for that.

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