Contents insurance reccomendations?

I’m on the lookout for contents insurance as i’m moving flats in August - any recommendations?

You’ve given us no details of what you want cover for :see_no_evil:

I’d suggest you use a comparison site such as :slight_smile:


Make sure you use a cashback site as well likelihood is you’ll get a bit back.

Very much depends on what you want to cover. I got a good deal with the AA, but mainly because they are our car breakdown service and the premium attracted a “new customer” discount. Will no doubt have to shop around next year - and/or polish up my negotiating skills. R-

I have been with Morethan insurance for 9/10 years with a blanket cover for £75,000 (not got halve that :joy:) and been paying £30 a month for at least 3 of those years, called up after looking into Wrisk about either reducing the blanket cover or the monthly cost so now paying £17 for same cover :wink:

Shop around. The quotes and cover I get will be completely different to the ones you get.

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If you like the way Monzo works then take a look at Wrisk.

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Nationwide is good if you’re a member.

I do like the transparency of Wrisk and looks like its now finally on :android:

But what do you do about buildings insurance, or is it really meant for tenants?

Getting both together is usually cheaper, so I’d be impressed if I can get Wrisk & buildings separately less than both combined.

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As far as recommendations I last used and got it about £40 less than I was expecting.

Wrisk has a flash app and it’s easy to setup, but their insurance isn’t that great if you read the fine print. I used Wrisk temporarily after moving back to the U.K. because it was easy to setup, but I’ve switched to Nationwide on a plan that’s about the same price but covers more things up to a significantly higher value.

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