Wrisk: flexible insurance that adapts to fit your life

Has anyone else come across www.wrisk.co as it seems like an interesting take on insurance and perhaps a
good Monzo marketplace product.


No, but have signed up - thanks!

Interesting idea… I’d be sceptical they could be cheaper in the hugely competitive insurance market but worth a look.

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Another waiting list… and I didn’t see it on the site, but after I joined the waiting list…

Our first version of the app will launch on iOS, offering contents insurance to the UK general public, in 2018.


I’ll wait til they’re open for business, sick of waiting lists


Dammit didn’t see that. So now I’m on a waiting list for something useless to me.

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Yes. Pretty annoying. Given that the majority of phones are now Android - a strange choice.

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Waiting lists are so 2016


Old thread but I’m just having a look at Wrisk now as Aviva have decided to withdraw the product that I have. Currently on an ex staff insurance from their General Insurance and they will cease this at the end of November. They want me to switch to Aviva Direct.

Got the app and it seems straight forward enough.

Any other fin tech home insurance recommendations?

Have you looked at https://www.homelyfe.com?

Just checked and they don’t cover unemployed (not retired).

Wrisk have just updated their core contents cover
image s

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How many people from here are actually using this product and is it worth it compared to other insurance companies?

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Worth it for me, replaced my iPad after I knocked it off a kitchen worktop onto a tiled floor just before Christmas.
Not sure who else is using them but it was nice and easy through the app in the same way as :mondo: :wink::+1:

was that an add on or part of the main insurance?

Still can’t insure my android phone :hushed:



That’s pretty great, I’ll check them out now.
EDIT: Wow, I’m pretty impressed with their app, I will do an in-depth check this evening, thanks!

Not at home at the moment and need to get serial numbers etc to complete a quote :joy:

I have this if you want it:

You have been given £5 off your first Wrisk insurance cover.
To claim your gift, download Wrisk from the Apple App Store and buy a policy using the promo code: 0dRaH2U7

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