WOW I love my Mondo Card!

I have had my card for about 3 weeks now, and I love it, I top up from my main Nationwide account, and use it daily, I love seeing the balance in real time!
Tried it at Morrisons Supermarket but the contactless was declined - it worked with Chip and Pin though
I am waiting to see how Mondo progresses into a fully fledged Licenced bank.
Keep up the good work - this really is an exciting time

Plumstead London


Join the club lol. I’ve barely had mine a week and I too can’t stop playing with it. The Morrisons contactless is a known bug, Morrisons also refuse my Barclaycard contactless so I think it’s just their settings that are crap.


From what I hear about Morrisons, contactless acceptance is just the start of ongoing card handling issues there. :disappointed: