Worst Secret Santa gift you've ever received?

(S Lee) #21

A toilet plunger but it was pretty helpful at home though

(Rachel Raybould) #22

First year doing with the team so will tell you how it goes. :see_no_evil:


Bugger! Why didn’t I think of that!


This was going to be my Secret Santa present last year but I decided I quite liked the guy really and actually exceeded the budget on something else!


(Only available in amateur ) #25

Poundland have some brilliant rude mugs in for Christmas

(Liam) #26

I received a box of potatoes labelled “Baby Sontarans” at a secret Santa last year.


(Yen Pham) #27

I can’t remember the Secret Santa gifts I’ve received because I think they’ve all been unremarkable (though, I suppose, by that token, also not remarkably terrible).

I have high hopes for our Marketing and Community Secret Santa next week though :hear_no_evil:

(Only available in amateur ) #28

Don’t be totally shocked if you get something Shrek themed in your future :see_no_evil:

(Yen Pham) #29

Well, it depends on who my Secret Santa is! :wink: But I’ve actually already recently given @cookywook the gift of Shrek

(Matt) #30

If you want to see a list of anger inducing things just search for “secret santa gifts” on Amazon.

I’ve honestly never seen such a bunch of useless rubbish that will sadly probably just end up in landfill.


My manager insisted we refer to Secret Santa as follows…

If you don’t know Krampus Google it!

(Matt) #32

Multicoloured socks, though I thought they were brilliant. Very comfortable around the house!

(Caspar Aremi) #33

I got a drinking game from someone, which was just a bit shit (I barely drink, and we’d been asked to put details of our ‘idea’ type of present into a document so no thought went into it). And another year I got some comedy ink stamps for documents. Given I worked in digital, and rarely ever touch printed paper, I had no reason to stamp ‘Stupid’ on anything. Another one that might have been fun for 12 seconds.
I did get lovely pens last year, and a desk calendar another time, both of which are very acceptable, and easy to buy. (Yes, my ‘ideal present’ was ‘Any type of stationery’).

(Kris) #34

Late to the game, but last year my workplace had a £10 limit, I was given 2 bottles of Shepherds Neame ale (because I like craft beer), which I know are 3 for £6 at Morrisons, and even full price would have probably not gone over £6 for 2 at any other shop. Also, Shepherds Neame beer is truly awful.

This year I got given salt and pepper shakers in the shape of a postbox and a phonebox (I think because I’m a foodie)… problem is, as a foodie, I use maldon salt flakes when I’m cooking (I know, so middle class!) and smoked salt in a grinder, and whole peppercorns in a grinder.

(Dan) #35

I received a mini-dildo on a keyring

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #36

Respectfully disagree. It’s not great, but truly awful is reserved for Carlsberg.

I find Shepherd Neame quite drinkable.

(Richard) #37

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaa, this Christmas I got a self-stirring mug.

The self stirring feature of said mug broke within days. In trying to repair it, I completely broke it and rendered it unusable because there was then a massive hole in the middle.

I jinxed myself didn’t I?

(brandon skerritt) #38

Happy by Derren Brown and an actual noose, with an autism toy because “you’re autistic & depressed”. Made me realise that this person probably isn’t my friend :sweat_smile:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #39

What are you all giving, though? Equally ill–thought out gifts?

I fucking hate Secret Santa, because it’s extraordinarily wasteful (see the ridiculous plastic ball full of air up a bit – so wonderful that shit like this will be bobbing about in the ocean for the next thousand years). This year I encouraged people on my floor to donate their fiver to the local children’s charity (I even used monzo.me!) and had a few comments that people thought this was a good idea.

(Richard) #40

That is a fantastic idea!!

Yea I gave my secret santa this year a comic book about evil cats. Supposedly funny.