How do you do gifts at Christmas

Looking to change things up next year after realising I don’t really need or want lots of presents for Christmas, especially with our first child, releasing that I actually enjoy opening our babies presents more than my own. How do you do presents with your husbands, wife or partner? Is there are a fixed price limit you both adhere to? Number of presents? Or is it just a free for all where anything goes

We didn’t do presents at all between us. Though we did buy fairly hefty shared gifts in Dec like a new super king bed+mattress which was about half it’s usual price in the year. Probably be a new TV next Xmas

The wider family does secret Santa £50 max and you make a shared list of things as hints. Nice pair of Daily 3.0 Adidas for me.

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We just don’t do them either. We’d rather just save the money.

90% of the stuff you buy people, they don’t need or want, same with the stuff people buy me, so I just tell everyone not to get me gifts.

When you stop doing it, you suddenly realise that January payday isn’t actually that far away.

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We don’t exchange gifts as such. I buy him a bottle of champagne and he buys me one … and suddenly it’s January. R-


We tell each other what we’d like (up to an agreed amount). Usually a book or a video game or something similar. We then also agree a small budget (£10-£20 usually) for a surprise present.

For family we usually buy token gifts like marmalade or chutneys etc.

We discussed a rough spending limit a long time ago and buy gifts within that. We have kids too and just like them there’s always nice things you can buy each other.

Now THAT’s a slogan :grinning:

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Set a budget. Then go over it. Spoil the niece and nephew.