Worst Secret Santa gift you've ever received?

(Kris) #41

Carlsberg is terrible beer, but it is terrible beer without any distinct flavour. All Shepherds Neame beers to me taste ashy and acrid on the back of my throat. I’d genuinely drink Carlsberg over Shepherds Neame (just remembered it was Bishops Finger)

(Kris) #42

What are you all giving, though? Equally ill–thought out gifts?

Sorry, not quite figured out how to quote people properly yet.
I consider myself an excellent gift giver, I’m a fairly empathetic person and tend to go through what people have mentioned they have interests in. This year was my first place working at somewhere with a £5 budget, which I found limiting, but I gave my giftee a book of cats in predicaments, as she loves that sort of stuff (always sharing on facebook)

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #43

And lo. It falls to Poundland to attempt to justify it.