Weirdest thing you've bought recently?

Sarah’s introductory post here inspired this thread.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve bought recently or a particularly odd purchase that would have raised a few eyebrows?

Did you buy a llama? Potato post? Did you make a maths problem worthy purchase like 1500 yoghurt cups? Bonus points if you include pictures :eyes::sparkles:
Because I’m nosy like that.


I sense this a ploy to give you ideas on a Secret Santa present.

I bought BBQ flavoured crickets.


Brussel sprout flavour crisps

They were even worse than you could possibly imagine


Impossible! Sprouts are delicious!


But not in crisp form

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Brussel sprouts in crisp form I would understand since frying would probably make them tastier, but why would one go to all the effort to make a tasty crisp taste like a mushy disappointment?

@anon35201645 that’s actually a good idea, I wish I started this thread two weeks ago now :skull:

Skincare products from these guys. The website itself looks like a cult, you can’t even see prices without logging in (fair warning: my Monzo is now sad so it’s definitely not cheap) and you can’t just buy anything you’d like - there’s a form that supposedly figures out which products are suitable for you and you can only order those. But I have a friend that swears by it so I’ll give it a shot.

Yep, although you can do the form multiple times until you find out the combination of answers that allows you to get what you want. Also I bet they’re not doing proper validation on the add to cart form so I bet you can still order anything you want with a bit of “developer tools” magic.

I guess it’s some kind of weird marketing thing but I’m not getting it. Even if they mean well I’m not sure how they can accurately determine which products are suitable for you based on 10 questions.

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I bought BBQ flavoured crickets .

Eww. Can’t imagine myself eating that ever.

It’s all the same stuff in each ‘product’, basically.

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Apparently it’s the future.

Insects mature fast, contain lots of protein and are less impactful on the planet. Eventually we won’t be able to provide the required amount of meat needed to feed the carnivorous population…

Crunch Crunch Crunch

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Where did you get them?

They’re in a walkers multipack. Turkey and stuffing, pigs in blankets and the Brussels sprouts ones

You have to try them just to be as disgusted as we were :grin:

My god. I just ran through a test on that site and you are not kidding.

My total purchase would have been over 2k.

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My mum’s Christmas present. A metal ball for the garden idk

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I bought my husband a Christmas potato message gift instead of a card from Paddy Potato. It was more expensive that a card but we had a good laugh with it :grin: