Worst Broadband Provider

Which is the worst Broadband Provider

Curious to know why you’d want to know? Lol.

My hamster produces pretty poor speeds if he’s under fed. :joy:


Just like to know who people think is the worst

Can confirm, we have talk talk. Two devices streaming at one time makes it sweat.

Today I downloaded a steam game at 72 KB/S.

TalkTalk to me is the worst

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Is that his latest venture? :thinking:

This useless company. https://demon.net/

I was with TalkTalk a while ago (thankfully changed now), and they were absolutely awful. There’s no way I can even try to beat around the bush for them - it was the worst service I’ve ever experienced.

My line had outage after outage, so they sent me out a TalkTalk engineer. The engineer literally done nothing besides plug in a phone to listen for the dial tone…

Later after that. they paid for a BT engineer to come and investigate. He couldn’t find the cause of the problem, so TalkTalk tried billing me something like £79. When I enquired why I was charged, they told me it was for ‘wasting time.’ :confused:

I had to talk for two hours (not even an exaggeration, sadly) until they waived the fee.

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Wow that’s unbelievable!
I work as a broadband tech advisor elsewhere so I actually cannot believe that!
What other troubleshooting did they do with you??

I’ve been with BT, then TalkTalk, now PlusNet.

BT = fine but expensive even after negotiating deals

TalkTalk = they were absolute fine from broadband speed and stability, but I didn’t want to support their crappy business by giving them any more money.

PlusNet = really crappy account interface, had lots of issues, but cheaper than paying for BT branded service.

However I’m still annoyed by the PlusNet billing system, it allows you to pick any bill date (but not the 1st, or 29,30,31) but they can’t be bothered to work out a payment schedule.

So that picking is just when they create the invoice, with the DD 3-5 day cycle it debts all over the place especially with weekends and bank holidays ending up with 14th rather than say the 1st of each month like most sane billing systems.

Don’t understand why they won’t let you pick the 1st, but certainly the other 3 are because not every month has those particular dates available so it would need to either be an early or late payment to accommodate for that month :slight_smile:

Reserved for Business billing in the system they said.

Their compromise was to start the billing in the previous month, so invoice raised on say the 27th so it comes out nearer to start of the month. But that might be the 31st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc depending on the month that year. Drives me nuts as my other DDs are the 1st.

They’ve only just switched over to even being allowed to pick the bill date, before that you couldn’t change it.

It’s just happened to be when you signed up with them was your billing date.

Looking at you Spotify :eyes:

Besides the two visits from the different engineers, they just ran tests on the line whilst I was on the phone with them.

The only thing they made me do was turn off and reset my router. I found better troubleshooting advice online compared to what they could tell me.

It was genuinely the worst service I have ever received. I couldn’t believe it either, but having ran a few Google searches during my troubleshooting hunt, it seems there are plenty customers out there with very similar experiences to mine. :sob:

I really want 5G Home-Fi to become a thing and quickly.

We’ll still pay BT but under EE branding. Hopefully Three runs a competitive service.

It’ll be nice to do away with pesky cables, slow switching/setup and hopefully get faster than the same ~60Mb/s that I’ve had for the past 10 years.

Apparently 5G is a brain scrambler

But if we out of EU we can mentaly fudge ourselves too :joy:

I’ve seen quite a lot of stuff about this recently, and it seems pretty scary! :open_mouth:

That being said, surely the people who have approved 5G must’ve done some health tests to make sure its safe :thinking: I’m finding it hard to decide if I should be petrified of it, of if it’s a load of baloney! :joy:

I had the same issue with PlusNet wanted to change billing date to 1st of the month when I asked they couldn’t change the date at all, and said a new billing system is coming out, didnt say when, then september comes along and you still can’t select the 1st ;-).

So as my contract ending 16th December, i decided mid november to change from card payment to DD for 1 month, once it was setup I cancelled it purley because I had a feeling that they would incorrectly charge me, so my bill arrived on 02/12 for a full month of service untill 02/01/2019 so called them up to ensure the contract would be cancelled on 16th which they confirmed but said best not to cancel the DD as we will calculate the exact bill once the contracr has ended and send you a cheque of the remainder, to which I told them no you will send me the correct bill after the end date and I will pay that.

I go to login to the PlusNet account today and its shows its closed with limited access,

You have been brought to this page because we’ve got an important message about your PlusNet service.

Your last subscription payment could not be taken. As a result, we’ve put your account on hold until the overdue amount is paid. Until you arrange for this overdue subscription to be taken, you will continue to see this page.

Payment Due - Don’t delay - act now!

You must arrange for payment to be taken within 14 days of the due date or your account will be fully disabled.

I will pay it once the bill has been amending correctly :joy:

When I left plusnet for Sky they didn’t tick the box to say sky had taken over the phone line, didn’t notice for 6 months I was paying them both. Took 6 phone calls between both Sky and plusnet to sort it, 4 hours on the phone. Never again