I've Just Joined Plusnet

ive gone live with Plusnet and i must say im really happy so far love the router the customer service is great and the fact that that my old broadband went off at 6am and Plusnet had me connected by 7am

if anyone else is on plusnet give me your username and we both get a discount

Glad you are happy. Often a good way to judge a company is by what happens when something goes wrong.

You are getting the service you pay for now - that is neutral. It will be good service when something breaks and they fix it quick for example :+1:

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So when I was with Plusnet generally the service was fine but we did have an issue for a period where someone at the exchange had somehow managed to route our calls to a different property with us recieving their calls.

Plusnet were pretty useless in getting it sorted and actually threatened us with charges if they sent out an engineer and found no fault or a fault within our property. Luckily the person who was recieving our calls got in touch with us, they were with BT so it was pretty easy for them to sort out.

So yeah, service, not headline grabbing but perfectly acceptable, but customer service left a little to be desired.

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I thought Plusnet was BT?

Yep, it’s the cheaper version where the customer Service is poor.

I found PlusNet slower than Zen over the same FTTC wires.

i find the customer service better then vodafone and virgin and sky and now tv broadband

Yeah. I find Virgin CS very poor as well. I don’t have experience of Sky.

Plusnet cancelled a line instead of a migration, releasing it for any Telco to snatch up.

But there’s horror stories with every company :man_shrugging:

I’ve had hell on with their system going crazy late last year, it cancelled my accounts, they reinstated it hours later when they realised, I never knew any this had happened until they rung me up later that day. Everything will be fine blah blah we’ve sorted it, you might not have had any calls for a few hours but your Internet is still going.

1 month later a bill with a hefty disconnection fee for terminating early, erm your system did that not me so please correct my bill, no sorry you have to pay it and then we’ll refund, nah mate not paying it end of story so go away and get something sorted. Only solution is to cancel my direct debit and ring on the day the payment fails.

Ring up on that day, yep will sort it, 7 days later keep getting automated texts you’ve not paid we’ll cut you off, another call to find out why they none nothing yet. Its with a team to look at we’ll not cut you off or add any fees. Get to day 10 I’ve had enough as all I want to do is pay my actual bill, phone them again, no it shouldn’t take this long the team aren’t answering their phones so I’ll walk down and find out what’s happening and ring you back. Get a call an hour later its sorted and back to normal.

So we are now 7 months later and ever since that billing error my line rental is £0.60 a month and broadband £5.00, after all the trouble they’ve cause I’ve not had the heart to tell them they are under charging me :man_facepalming:


Hope they don’t come back to you with a large bill for outstanding fees in the future.

Your story does not bode well for anything being sorted quickly


I’ve had a quick scan of various bits of regulations it looks like they can go back 3 months to bill me, I’ve got funds set aside just in case at least, don’t want to get to end of contract to suddenly find something needs paying

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I was with them for a year, only issue I had was them trying to tell me I had signed up for an 18 month contract and this was before they change the billing system so you couldn’t set a date for ur DD’s to come out on any other date than the original one setup.

Only reason I left was cost of having Sky TV, Plus Net and BT Sport on different bills and costing way too much separately, joined Virgin for a year will never touch them again even if they over 1tb download and upload speeds so far behind sky it is unreal.

Now with sky for everything which also includes my Netflix subscription :wink:

Interesting to note re Virgin thanks.

I left them in 2017 due to poor value and joined Sky, however, Sky have decided to hike my package by another £5pm from 1 April 2020 so was reconsidering my options.

Nearly £100pm to Sky alone seems ridiculous to me, so need to focus on what I actually use most often and ditch a bit. Includes broadband, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, Netflix, Sky Box Sets.

Also pay to Amazon Prime and of course the mandatory BBC TV Licence.

Mine is £99 a month signed the contract last July, got the same email re increases but hopefully nothing will change, got the same as you with Apple TV extra along with BT Sport :joy:

If you out of contract then Time to negotiate

I just signed my mother up to Plusnet started the service 18 feb was with talk talk since 2003/4

Had a few outages with Plusnet, but nothing too bad. Main reason I stay with them is the £5/month BT Sport add-on, you can stream it to tv with Google Cast and the quality is pretty decent.

I pay £31 a month for BT sport, totally forgot about the £5 via Plusnet and the app will get my mum to sign up for it when it expired and use it via Apple TV BT App :joy:

Yeah, it’s good value. Especially at the moment with all the European football games.

My Sky Sports package is locked till Dec, so they pretty much got me till then unfortunately.

Tried logging what I use, but pretty much use everything each month, so may have to change my viewing style to change my costs.

Give em a call and say I need to save money so looking to cancel some packages and they will reduce them say by half price, no idea if they will then extend overall contract though.

I did something similar with sky for sports package over summer got it free for 3 months as Premier League had finished :wink:

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