Broadband: Which providers have the best deals?


I am currently with Virgin Media, my contract comes to an end in a few days… the price has quite frankly blasted through the roof!

So I called them… they won’t budge on price…

Does anyone know of any good ISP’s that offer a monthly rolling fee, that’s resionably priced?


Say you are going to disconnect and go to Sky they will budge, they have to.

Did you go through to retention’s?

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Yeah they put me through to retention’s… they wouldn’t budge on price… and I said well I’ll leave… he pretty much said ok do it… haha

lol weird as I have always done that and it works…

Disconnect wait a few days and get someone else in the house to sign up in their name and get a better deal that way then and a new hub as well.

I would but its only me :frowning: unless I put it as Dan instead of Daniel or will they fall for that one :wink:

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I used my middle name once lol

If you do that I got £50 referral code :wink:

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Is that technically legal? I mean my other half uses her middle name as her actual name!.. So it could work? Surely the credit check would go… errr no?

I have done various things when it comes to Sky/Virgin to get a better deal… without going in to detail all have worked.

Details is what I want :wink: message me!

Do you wanna stay with VM and what speed you getting and at what cost?

Ideally, so I don’t get a service gap…

I was on the player bundle (they upgraded my 50MB to 100MB free) @ £29 a month… dont use the TV, dont use the phone

After contact player bundle is £49 or something like that…

Asked to move to BB only… they said ok… £39 a month… for 12 months… I said no I want £33 a month 1 month rolling like the website says… he said no… you can have £33 a month but for 12 months…

My head I think might explode that’s when I eneded the call…

So basically I was paying £29 a month… I dont want to pay much more but dont mind moving to 50MB BB

Plusnet are generally quite good basically BT but cheaper

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I threatened to leave Virgin a few months back. Ended up getting being offered their basic 50mb package at standard price (£26/month) but with 2 months free so effectively £22 or so a month for a year.

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I just signed up for the player bundle 100MB with V6 box and new Hub 3 £30pm

Said don’t bother putting in phone line and use the TV in the spare room as freeview

As a new customer? I might go down to the supermarket where the man sits in a trailer… get him to sort it out ha

Yeah new deal

Go on uswitch like i just did and tell them you can get this deal.



Broadband meaning VDSL?

I’m very happy with Utility Warehouse. I work from home with loads of video conferencing, and remote desktop connections, all while the rest of the family streams Netflix, uses FaceTime etc., so an internet connection with good and stable characteristics is important to me. I was with EE previously which was a nightmare (same speed, but loads of packet loss, and just generally crappy line statistics).

Their customer service is supposedly good, too, though I never needed to contact them, so can’t vouch for it (contrast that with EE whom I called every few weeks to try and get them to sort out the line. They were convinced it was a fault at my end - which I was sure and can now prove it wasn’t.)

They aren’t necessarily the cheapest though.

(They have a “refer a friend” scheme, so feel free to DM me, if you wish to take them up, but it’s quite convoluted so I can’t be bothered to dig it out right now - take it as a sign that I’m genuinely happy with them :wink: )

Hyperoptic - Simply the best, cannot recommend them enough, both on speed, quality, support.

Managed to renew my contract over twitter… need I say more.

Can get you £50 off with a refferal code, if anyone interested :smile: (will put it here if people show interest)

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If I remember correctly, they only serve about 1 million or so properties, don’t they?

Yeah, that’s true… it is a bit of a postcode lottery, but they are always expanding… they were initially not serving my building but as soon as they did I switched and I have no regrets (so far).

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