Best Broadband

What will people say is the best Broadband provider

None of them! :tada:

John Lewis Broadband has been okay for us but only because we’ve had less BS with them than with some others.

So far vodafone is good for me

I’ve had less problems with Sky than I had with BT, plusnet or talk talk

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For sure TalkTalk are the worst


I’ve had good service from Virgin.

Speeds in the 100-150mbps range - generally no issues.

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Wanna becareful as Virgin Tried to charge me to end my contract when i was already out of it and sent my account to a debt management company

I’m on Vodafone now. Kinda miss Virgin. Their router was bad but Voda’s is extra bad.

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Whats wrong with ur router

I’ve been with plusnet for about 12 years, can’t say I’ve had many issues, they’ve always been good although their forums and service has definitely taken a dip since BT took them over

@lmcm in case you weren’t aware John Lewis use plusnet for their service


The signal is terrible on it. I can sit next to it and it’ll have a link speed of 80mb/s but only get about 30 on my device. The range is worse than the Virgin Super Hub too.

Call them and explain i got a call back from the top broadband team and they gave me a discount untill its fixed

I think the discount is dependent on link speed though, which means I don’t qualify. It’s because of the shoddy router, not the actual connection.

No u will get a discount mine says the same i had to call them has thats the speed ur router is getting but not u

Yup ^^ We joined when John Lewis were running a deal that was cheaper than Plusnet.

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I’d definitely have a look at Zen Internet. They have been named best broadband provider by sites like Which?. I can confirm that they are excellent, based on my own experience.

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I’d love to go to Zen but their FTTP pricing is just too high

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The Vodafone branded HHG2500 is junk. Very low-end hardware and poorly made firmware.

I replaced mine with a HG612 VDSL modem and a MikroTik hAP AC2 running RouterOS. The hAP is connecting to Vodafone via PPPoE.

The service has gone from patchy at best to rock solid reliability, higher speeds and perfect WiFi.

A lot of the time the ISP supplied hardware is the source of problems, not the service itself.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Vodafone service. They also provide a free static IP on request.


Where u get the router from that your using now

Not even any good in modem mode? (can it even do this??). Was thinking of hooking up a Nighthawk. With all the smart home stuff I’ve got now it’s getting neccessary