Changing Broadband Provider

Just had a look around and i’m currently paying £36 for what Sky can offer is much less at £27
There is also a known issue with BT and WhatsApp which is also motivating me to move.

Still have about one year left in my current contract. Would it work out cheaper to pay the cancellation fees ( i’ll phone up tomorrow and see what they are )

Or just stick with it and cancel towards the end ? I’m bad with maths hence the question.

With 12 months left in your contract, absolutely it will not work out cheaper. The termination fee will be quite high, often you have to pay for the remainder of the months left on your contract, though some providers will discount the fee slightly.

Wait it out if you can. But if BT are not providing you with a service quality promised in your contract, then you may have cause to exit penalty free.


Thanks dude.
Yeah i have evidence on their forums that lots of people are having whatsapp issues. I was going mad trying to figure it out, and eventually realised it was a problem with my ISP and not my phone as on 4G and my families broadband its fine.

There is a potential fix, so i’ll try that out over the next few days and hopefully its ok.
Although regardless Sky can offer it for much cheaper so feel im missing out. I should have looked around before renewing my contract earlier this year. Lesson learnt

You need the cancellation charges first before you can compare. You’ll save £108/year by moving but, as @N26throwaway suggested, it’s likely to cost a lot more than that to cancel. It’ll be £36 x 12 - some sort of discount that they’ll take off.

What’s the issue with WhatsApp out of interest?

I’m a bit puzzled as to how your ISP may be the cause of an issue with an app on your phone.


Well the first problem was I couldn’t receive emails consistently to my phone, some would go through and others you’d have to open the app and refresh. ( It never did this on 4G or at my families house ) So that points to it being a problem with my WiFi.
Spoke to someone on chat who accessed my router and changed the channels as it was apparently congested. ( When i first installed the router i changed it to some obscure one which was obviously congested ) and since then my emails have been instant with no problem.

Today, WhatsApp at my home has been playing up, after the phone being on standby for a while it wouldn’t give any notifications unless I opened the app and i missed an important message, hence why i got annoyed with it.

So I went onto BT forum and searched whatsapp. Lots of people recently have had problems with it ( I can post a link if you like )
The solution apparently is to enable parental controls and whitelist

The problem that was with the phone is " Doze " mode, which i’ve disabled a couple of days back with a script and now i get email notifications 100% of the time even in standby. But what im saying is, this script only works if the phone actually receives a notification. And with WhatsApp it doesn’t. Odd thing is it only does it sometimes.

If you’re in a long contract it’s often expensive to break.

WhatsApp situation seems bizarre. Just that app? Has whitelisting it helped?

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Yeah. Reddit, Twitter, Emails, Monzo etc are all spot on.

I’ve only just whitelisted it so i’ll keep an eye on it

At a guess, I’d put my money on your router blocking some ports necessary for WhatsApp and email to work properly. That’s infinitely more likely than there being an issue with BT themselves.

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Yeah weird one. toggling wi-fi off then back on seems to make the notifications come through. cant quite figure it out.

Just installed PNF ( push notification fixer to see if it helps )

I thought the congested network theory made sense

If toggling wifi on and off that would make me think it’s a phone setting.

Is there some sort of standby/energy saving/group/delayed notifications settings on Android?

And you didn’t have these issues with your iPhone which makes me think it’s not BT, but a phone setting.

Yep no problems with the iPhone.

Why is it it only happens on my wifi and not 4g or my families is what baffles me.
Instant notifications all day unless at home on my wifi.

Changing the signal channel helped for a day or so now back to messing around

When you’re at your families are you using your phone more? Maybe a longer time with your phone untouched is what is causing it?

If android is anything like iOS, there may be a setting on the phone that allows the phone to use 4G in the background whilst connected to WiFi, if it detects an issue.

So for instance every time Venom tries to send a message and it doesn’t work, iOS will use LTE to do it whilst remaining connected to WiFi, and will do the same for incoming notifications as a result.

Likewise it could also explain why it’s only effecting his new phone and wasn’t an issue with iphone.

Given the issue doesn’t occur on another WiFi network, I’m more inclined to believe the issue is with the router, and that android’s method of dealing with WiFi issues just isn’t as smart or robust as iOS’s

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Thats what the script fixes ( no notifications coming through quickly in standby )

Even with the phone unlocked whilst im at home, sometimes nothing comes through. Sometimes it works fine for a few hours.

Yes, there is an option for this in the developer options. Howver i think on android all that does is make it quicker to switch between 4G and WiFi when your out of range. I could give it another go

Someone said try disabling IPV6. I’ll see how it goes

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I have a dual stack IPv6/v4 network at home, and never encounter any such issues. If disabling IPv6 does solve the problem, then it’s been poorly implemented somewhere, either your phone doesn’t support it properly, which is unacceptable in 2020, or it’s improperly set up in your router.

Do BT even do IPv6 yet?

Yeah its in the router settings

Most routers have settings for IPv6, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the ISP uses IPv6. Last I checked, most UK ISPs don’t. Only a handful of providers that fully have a working IPv6 compatible network last I checked.

My knowledge on who offers it may be outdated though, as it’s not something I’ve checked for quite a few years. Sky and Zen were the latest to support last I checked which was probably back in 2016, now I think about it.

Let me know if disabling it fixes the issue.

Edit: yep BT do IPV6 now:

I wonder how many others now offer it that I’m unaware of. :thinking:

I’m quite enjoying my £5 a month broadband and landline, told them twice they’re not billing me enough :rofl: still not being sorted but I don’t mind as it’s nice and cheap for me.

Got it in writing they won’t be back billing me either so more fool them.

Anyways back to your internet issues it’ll be the BT Hub as the software can be naff, I’d just go out and buy by own router to be fair and it’ll no doubt solve every issue or find all the stupid family filters blah blah and switch them all of as they’re not necessary


Good idea ! Any recommendations ? Budget being around £60 as i wouldn’t want to spend loads and find out it doesnt help. Some good TP links however £75

I’ve disabled IPV6, turned security on and added whatsapp to the whitelist ( as stated to do on the bt forums ) and kept the setting to always run 4G and WiFi together as @N26throwaway suggested.

IF no luck i’ll consider a new router. At the moment everythings coming in instantly. So confusing