Anyone have any ideas for a new broadband provider for me?

anyone have any ideas for a new broadband provider for me

Kind of depends what providers are available to you. More detail needed.


You can get cheap broadband, you can get fast broadband, and you can get good customer service.

You can’t get fast broadband with good customer service at a cheap price.


im based in east london

This question is far too vague as is where you live.

What providers are available to you, what speeds, what do you use broadband for, what are you looking for from a “good” provider?

One line answers isn’t going to help us to help you.

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all I asked was for broadband providers didn’t ask any one for good speeds just provider

put your postcode in :man_shrugging:

thanks mate

Vodafone are excellent have to say. Great value and very reliable.

Be careful with smaller providers with small prices they often don’t have the capacity to match - especially at peak times.

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There’s always wet rope, it’s not very quick but I’d bet it’s probably cheap and available everywhere

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Late to this but definitely need to contribute as broadband is a key area for many. I think there is a way to find out broadband providers, like a search engine but can’t remember the name of it… hang on I’ll Google it…


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Zen are a pretty good ISP, they’re not the cheapest, but the price you get has a lifetime guarantee, it can go down but never up.

Their customer service is also great, if you’re struggling with anything their phone support will never just email you the steps for it (my old landlord had that from Vodafone), they’ll sit there on the phone with you for as long as it take and talk you through what you need to do.

They operate on the BT lines, so the available speeds are based on BTs infrastructure in the area. They were the top rated ISP on which? too when I signed up, not checked since then though.


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So on topic I would recommend uSwitch or one of the many comparison websites like MSE.


I’ve heard of a good broadband supplier.

Where should I move to so I can get it?

I like the Sky bundle if you have TV and take broadband they offer a decent discount and their mobile deals are amazing we have two phones that cost £10 pcm for both £6 & £4 that share 3.1 GB data unlimited calls and txt - not bad Sky Q fast fibre and cheap family mobiles

Downside is you have to haggle on renewals each year lol!

I’ve just got a Sky Q hub through, it’s complete rubbish. Won’t cover the whole house like the normal sky one did

Me too. I use Vodafone, and have done for about three years. It’s OK for my limited requirements. At the most, I’ll stream one HD video at a time.

When I first got it, I was quite disappointed. There was always a drop out at around 11pm every day (I know, because I’m always watching streaming tv at that time). When I complained they said that I was actually experiencing three drop outs per day, which was “acceptable.” Anyway, after a few months it settled down, and has been fine since.

Plusnet are pretty good, decently priced and consistent in speed and reliability.

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I liked Plusnet, it’s BT with a different label. The only thing I didn’t like is the billing system as it’s impossible to get a DD out when you want it.