Working holiday abroad with UK Banks


I just have a quick question, I was looking at doing a working holiday abroad. They are for an extended period of time between 4 and 12 months.

I work for my own LTD company here, bank with Monzo and about 3 other banks for personal accounts. Will some computer system notice I’m away and close me for being an Expat?

I’d be continuing my work while I’m abroad (software/web development), but I use the location tagging feature on Monzo and obviously would be using my card abroad or sending money to a local bank account. The options were AUS/Canada/USA, it’s definitely something I want to do probably at the end of this year

It will depend on whether you continue to be defined as a UK resident. Normally you’d be expected to spend 6 months and one day in the UK in a year.

Your best bet is contacting your bank and checking with them.

I definitely will still be in terms of tax purposes (I think?), but I won’t be away for longer than 6 months (or it will be across different places). Seems like a huge pain to have my 6+ year accounts closed jus to go abroad for a few months

You’re good up to 12 months with monzo.

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Thank you :+1:

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