Working in New Zealand

Hi there,
I’ll be working in New Zealand for 8 months and assume Monzo only supports your paychecks being paid with GBP, will I have to create an NZ bank account account and transfer earnings?

International transfers don’t work very well with Monzo yet as they aren’t fully supported so you may want to look at alternative options for something as critical as your salary

Transferwise boarderless account is apparentl a good option.

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Ok thanks very much

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Hey Ben :wave:t3:

I’m currently doing something similar in Australia, it’s best for you to open a bank account in New Zealand, be paid into that and also spend from that account in my view.

You can use TransferWise to transfer money back to your Monzo account but you will be charged for it, you would get more out of your earnings just spending in NZ dollars from the NZ account then using TransferWise to transfer any remaining funds you have to the UK as and when it’s needed!

Hope that helps :blush:


Agree with the above, 8 months justifies the slight hassle of opening another account to me, then transferring the balance out when you are about to leave.

Will do