Longer periods of travel with Monzo

My partner and I are visiting family in South Africa next month, and possibly staying for a few weeks/months (we both work remotely).

Anyone know how long we’ll be able to keep using our Monzo cards/accounts over there?


There is no limit of time. You need to be a UK resident to get an account, but once you have it, you can crack on. They could say “Hi, we’ve noticed you haven’t used your card in x years in the UK” but I’ve never seen that happen.


Ah that’s brilliant news, thank you! We were dreading the idea of trying to open accounts over there. There’s nothing as convenient as Monzo on offer.

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Me and my partner are travelling Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America from February and are hoping to be away over a year, can I still use my Monzo in all these country’s as normal? I will be working along the way to fund the trip, don’t want for hassle of having to get account in each country, but if everything can be done through Monzo that would be amazing

Yes it’s fine.

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