Working from Home

Work from home they said, well yeah ok I do normally anyways, however today is no go.

So all of work with laptops were told to work from home and today is the 1st proper test put on the VPN server, 4 hours later I’m still attempting to connect along with around 20,000 other people :see_no_evil:

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I’ve heard a lot of similar things from friends and family. The work VPN servers weren’t built with the mindset that the entire company would be trying to connect in remotely so I think there’s plenty of businesses in the same situation.

I’m sure there’s gonna be lots of IT people working hard over the next few weeks to facilitate this. Not all heroes wear capes, y’know.


Funny thing is ours was ancient and couldn’t cope with normal daily use and new ways of working, they upgraded it in autumn just obviously not enough to cope with the number of laptop users that need it right now

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Also why there is a huge shortage of laptops. We’re asking people to take their desktop PCs home and then are providing them with wireless dongles :upside_down_face:


Personally think it’s a great idea but wouldn’t like to be the tech support sat on the other end of the phone when it doesn’t stop ringing…

Suspect the worldwide intel shortage didn’t help

I’m struggling with distance I have to now travel all 10 yards.


I’ve also been working from home. No need for a VPN or anything like that.

Does anyone else find themselves just not working as you normally would? For example I’ll do about 30 minutes of work and think ‘Oh, I should wash the pots’ and spend about an hour away before realising I should come back. I also seem to be doing work later on in the evening.

No I’ve been at it since 2016 so used to it by now. Best bet is to get in a room out the way and ignore everything going on around you

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Sadly don’t have a spare room or even a desk :frowning:

Yup! The missus came home yesterday and told me to stretch the jobs out because otherwise I’ll have done everything :rofl:

I’m running out of jobs to do today, as a lot of my projects are being delayed.

This tweet speaks volumes to me:

And in other news, I’ve rediscovered “Hybrid Theory” by Linking Park, takes me back some years. \m/

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I wish that was the case, we just have lots of catchup video calls now :weary:

My workload seems to have increased as I’m basically making graphs every day to show how badly things are doing.

“Can we just see…”

I suggest you just send them a picture of a toilet :rofl:

I keep getting… “Let’s schedule another conference call in a few hours to catch up and see how everyone is getting on”.

How about we don’t. One in each morning is enough to discuss the previous day and the plan for that day. It wouldn’t be like this if I was in the office, so it should be no different now. /endofrant :laughing:


We’ve had quite a lot of meetings set up for a “virtual coffee machine” so everyone still gets a bit of social interaction.

Nice little idea, hopefully will help maintain some social contact!


Having worked from home for a decade, it is incredibly stressful if you ever don’t have a dedicated space.

It might be OK for people working without a dedicated space at home for a short time, but doing it permanently will really start to affect health.


I agree but this is my first job out of uni and the place doesn’t even having a living room. Never panned to wfh more than the odd day

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Back in the day, I was working and living out of a bedsit - didn’t realise how stressful it was till it ended.

The whole wfh for weeks thing sounds like a magic answer, but it will come with its own major problems in time.

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