Poll: If your company let you choose, how many days working from home would you like to do after lockdown?

If you’re lucky enough to have a job that lets you work from home at the moment, would you prefer to go back to the office full time, or prefer to stay at home? I’m missing the social side of the office, but definitely not the commute - so for me 2 days working from home would be ideal.

  • No working from home
  • 1 day WFH
  • 2 days WFH
  • 3 days WFH
  • 4 days WFH
  • 5 days WFH

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I’ve just been asked this via company survey. I would like to spend all time working from home.

Saves me at least two hours commute and £400 in petrol each month for starters. Eating much more healthy (no crappy Sainsbury’s sandwiches or scoffing office biscuits) and have time to go for a nice walk and enjoy my garden at lunch. I’m actually losing weight for the first time in ages.

The only thing I’m missing is my iMac is far more powerful in the office, but if I can bring that home then perfect. I’m perfectly fine at seeing my colleagues at a Zoom or Meet distance.


I wish, can’t exactly drive a bus from home :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’d love to see the companies that say you can’t work from home after this

(Assuming people are working from home now due to COVID)

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Interesting to see that most people have voted for 2 days WFH. That was actually my plan moving forward prior to pandemic.

As it stands, I’d rather not go anywhere until there’s a vaccine. It seems like an unnecessary risk when all the work can be done remotely.


Interesting question. Thank you for posting. I’m quite introverted, and the lockdown has given me the opportunity (despite constant Messenger/Lync interruptions) to do real focus work. I think it’ll take quite an effort for me to get used to having other people around me constantly. In some ways, I can’t wait to see everyone again, but it’ll take a while for me to readjust to being able to enjoy seeing everyone on a daily basis.


I was in a lucky position that I already worked 2-3 days from home prior to “the event”

I would like to go back with only 1 day a week in the office. My team are already spread around Europe, and the people I deal with are rarely in the same location, so it doesn’t really matter where I am.

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This one was a bit hard for me to vote on, so went for 5 days.

Even before Corona I worked from home 5 days per week for months, but then could work on client sites for 5 days for months as well. It all depends on the customer and the project. I never go to my employer’s offices though as they’re in London and I’m in Yorkshire.

I’d take 3, 4 or 5 really.

I do miss the interaction with people and I like my colleagues. The chats on Teams or whatever don’t quite replicate it. But I had quite a long commute (90 mins each way) so saving that time, although I don’t actually have anything to do instead, is something I’m now used to.

I don’t see me being back in the office for a while yet, it’s not essential I’m in a building with others, so really I can just stay here!

2 days for me would be ideal. I could work from home before the pandemic and did some of the time but mostly chose to go to the office. For me though I can walk to work (30 mins one way), go through a park and past some great architecture and coupled with putting in my headphones and listening to music I find it very good for my health. Also my gym is on the way to work as well so when that was open I would get a work out in before work a few times a week. I miss that currently.

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Before lockdown, I was basically based at home, but went in to one of about five offices depending on the need for a particular meeting to be face-to-face. I also travelled a lot with work. I miss that pattern, and I expect a lot more people will move to it post-lockdown, rather than a fixed percentage of WFH.

We do half day Fridays, so I went for 3 days, when I actually kinda mean 2.5 :joy:

But yea, we already had the flexibility for that, it’s just about making it more formalised.

2-3 days would be ideal for me.

I did maybe 1 day on and off before The Event. But having tasted that WFH life I’d definitely increase that. If nothing else I’ve given myself a bit more discipline about how I WFH than I used to.

I do miss the social aspects of our office, and there are benefits of having non-virtual meetings for certain things. But I think 2-3 days would be a nice balance.

What it’s shown me though is how our business has never really optimised for working from home, despite it always being an option available - we never really invested in using any tools effectively to best enable people working from home. Which is interesting to see that change.

Things like “50 minute hours” and better use of Teams/Whiteboards/Interactive spaces just show how easy it could actually be.

5 Days here which I am going to push for.

I can remote on the machine I use in the office, I am saving 2 hours a day commuting in (and 100 per month) and am more productive as a result and our workload hasn’t gone down. My boss has dropped hints in about wanting us back for collaborative reasons, but I am hoping the rules stay are they are which is if you are able to work from home continue to do so.

I don’t want to be on a train at the moment and risk this when I do not need to as well.

Big change for most companies as a result of this I think.

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Interesting results so far. 93% so far say they would like at least 1 day working from home, which is higher than I thought it would be. Imagine if 2 or 3 days became the norm, and the roads/trains/underground were 40% quieter all the time. Cost of office space falls due to lower demand, and companies return the saving to employees, who in turn spend more elsewhere. Bit optimistic?

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One of the big advantages that I’ve noticed is chores around the house.

If I get home from work at 7, it’s unlikely that I want to worry about doing washing or tidying up. I’ll try and do the latter as I go, but sometimes it gets missed and loading/unloading the dishwasher isn’t something I always “remember” to do in the evening.

But now, it’s easy to get up to stretch my legs and put washing on. 10 mins before my next meeting, let me unload the dishwasher, got 15 mins, let me put the washing away and hoover.

If I was at work, I wouldn’t be on it for 9 hours constantly, so I don’t feel guilty or like I’m cheating but the house is tidier and it frees up my weekends (to do absolutely nothing)

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Been WFH for at least 3 days a week for about 2 years now, so changing to 5 days was no big change for me as I’m going a role that is easily able to WFH. As we’ve been doing this for 2 years, I chat/Skype with the team of 4 whenever we need to and we’re fortunate we’re a small team who’ve all worked together for at least 10 years :+1:

Productivity is the same as before lockdown and as we are UK based and manager in USA, it doesn’t matter whether we’re WFH, working from Office or working from coffee shop :sunglasses: