The New Normal Working From Home

so I just read online that its going to be the new normal working from home

what are peoples thoughts

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I’m happy with the remote working. My team seen to be managing well working fully remote. It’ll allow me to move closer to family.

You forgot to post the article :see_no_evil:

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Happy for the most part, no more commute is great. No more queuing for the coffee machine, no more noise which makes it hard to concentrate.

I’m a fairly introverted person so working from home suits me nicely. Although I know not all of my colleagues are happy working from home.

Yes, WFH suits my retirement :rofl:

Allows people to live in cheaper areas or even another country.

Cuts down on carbon emissions from the majority who drive to work.

Saves both employers and employees money.
Think of the savings in business rates and rent.

Employees seem to like it.

I can’t work from home but those that can it seems to be the future.

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I have enjoyed WFH. It has saved me a lot of money and time. There is something so wonderful about being able to finish at 4 and realise that you don’t have to start your evening at 5 because of rush hour traffic, you get more you time.

That being said, I got my new job during lockdown so I haven’t actually met any of my colleagues yet.

I think a balance between WFH and the office will be the future. I won’t want to spend my entire working life from home, I’m a social person and like to meet people. Flexible working arrangements should be the future. Having the option, and trust, to work from home or the office depending on circumstances etc.


I prefer working in the office, having the same dull view out my home window drives me crazy.

And just keeping work separate in general.

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Meh. Would much prefer to be working from the office.

I miss the commute (really!) which forced me to get some exercise. I miss being able to get a nice coffee in the morning. I miss the social aspect and the banter.

If I had a SO then I’d probably prefer working from home, but I’m a singleton so it kinda sucks!


Totally agree but not on the SO front! It can be testing

I’ve worked from home for years now, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. No commute, flexible hours and (at least for me) improved productivity - no distractions from the office.

For those thrust into a WFH situation because of COVID, remember that this is not normal. You haven’t had a chance to configure your home and life for home working. Those of you with kids are in a completely atypical situation with schools being off and them not being able to go out and play with friends.

Personally I love it, and I think we’ll see so much more of it going forward.


Not matter what peoples situations are I’m sure everyone would simply appreciate flexibility.

I don’t like the idea though of starting a new job remotely without meeting colleagues in person. Takes a while to build those relationships.


I’ve been quite lucky in that my colleagues, and the company I work for now, are fantastic. I’ve been in calls with them at least 15 minutes every day since I started (now at the 3 month mark) and I feel like part of the team, even though I haven’t met them yet.

It does beat my old job, whereby they forced everyone back into the office at the earliest opportunity (early June) and those who didn’t comply got phone calls from the CEO telling them to come back in as he’s the boss and they must do as he says. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t think it will be the New Normal to be honest.

I think it will change attitudes slightly, and maybe there’ll be an increase in flexibility - but I don’t think there will be a huge uptick of people working full on remotely.

For one; there’s still a big portion of the UK workforce where WFH isn’t possible anyway (specific industries).

And two; there’s still utility in having people in the same building. For as many people at my work who say they love working from home, there are others who desparately want to be back in the office.

I’m hoping coming out of this everyone will adopt a bit more flexbility though.

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I think it could start affecting peoples mental health

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I prefer it, always have. That said, this is the first time I’ve had it ‘enforced’ and I think moving forward it may become a normal in some industries (IT) with the odd day in office now and then to re-enforce relationships etc.

Ultimately, it’ll be what it’ll be, it depends on the employer to drive this change if they want it, and for employees to ask for it more often if they want it too.

It means fewer commuters too which can only be good for air quality/environment etc

I think if allowed personally ill still look to maybe split my week, 3 days at home and 2 in the office i think.

Something to break up the week and feeling of being too much in the house and i do think socialising with the team is needed also.

I think the flexibility side of it cant be underestimated though, people seem generally more happy now being able to fit work around their schedules now as opposed to previously having to schedule your life around work if that makes sense.


I quite literally put the TV on and then stare at the laptop every now and then, keep thinking one day they’ll give me some actual proper work but before this I’d just sit in office with my headphones on listening to music and watching videos, so no chance really :rofl:

Love the WFH idea, it’s business as usual.
No commuting costs
More relaxed :relieved:
Ability to accept packages (yes I order lots off amazon :joy:)
Better for environment
The new daily commute of 10 seconds down the hallway is HEAVEN!
No thank wasting 30+ mins in traffic

The only thing I miss about not WFH is the social aspects however my works every day we get on web calls and chat and do company wide quizzes, games and competitions so we still have that social element in a way.


We were working on plans to move to new offices when all this hit. We’re now looking at offices more than 50% smaller because of how successful remote working has been.

Following an organisation-wide survey, 52% said they only want to come into the office occasionally or never, 43% said they wanted a regular alternating pattern (like 2 days in, 3 days at home). The rest said they’d like to work in the office all the time, or most of the time.

Personally, I love it. I am lucky enough to have a spare bedroom that I’ve put a desk in and so I can shut work away after I’m done.

Having said that, if it had happened 6 weeks earlier, I’d have been stuck in my old place, which was tiny and I’d probably have hated it.