How are you spending your bank holiday?

I’m working! But it seems half the company are not. Everything is eerily quiet today…

I just noticed we have officially hit 1,250 employees. A nice round number. And 2.83million customers. Not so round. But almost 3 million. And 4mill by the end of the year?


I’ve enjoyed a nice day off. I’ve used no holiday time at work and this is a much needed chill day!

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And 1250! How many of those are working from the London office? Envisage another office move or still plenty of space?

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Are you planning to take a big chunk of holiday time towards the end of the year?

I only have a handful of paid days left unfortunately, I had a long trip to the US already this year that used up a sizable chunk of it!

That’s a good question! We have a Slack channel called #office-london (as well as #office-world, #office-cardiff and #office-vegas) and that channel has about 600 people in it. Although, anyone can join any public channel. I’m in all of the above :joy:

I would guess maybe 400-500 in the London office.

And yeah, we are rapidly running out of space there so I wouldn’t imagine we’ll be in that space much longer :grimacing:

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My holiday time runs until March so I haven’t decided yet, it runs from your birthday month to avoid everyone taking the left over holiday at the end of the year.

I do want to plan a trip somewhere, but I travel alone which is a bit of a pain.

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That’s a lot of staff! Thanks for the insight - perhaps another office somewhere else… #office-manchester :grinning:


I paid for that extra day off, the inbox was full as HK were still working :sob:

I hear Southampton is good… down by Town Quay :wink:

But haven’t you got a three year lease on that place :thinking:At this rate you’re going to turn into a landlord, with all the subletting - or has the lease on your old place expired now?

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I’ve gone crazy this Bank Holiday weekend, must be the heat… I changed my car, from a Skoda Yeti 4x4 to a Skoda Octavia Vrs 4x4 Estate, gone Full Monzo (on a Whim) and following my reading on the Monzo community about cheaper energy, I’ve switched to Bulb… I’m exhausted and need a holiday… Buahhhaahhaaaa

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