Wording of the status message 4/8/2018

(Richard Bairwell) #48

I’m guessing Apple/Google need to route things via the Mastercard network to allocate new virtual digital card numbers before they are routed to Monzo and if Mastercard’s ‘digital card number allocation system’ is up the snafu, then it makes sense (once the digital card number has been generated, I’ll guess it’ll bypass that system and use the normal Mastercard route for payments etc). All my guesses.

(Daniel Chatfield) #49

This is spot on

(Matt) #50

Thanks daniel always superb. Love the fact Monzo are able to be so open about this!

(Jack) #51

Transparency :heart_eyes:

(Craig A Rodway) #52

The “investigating” Tweet has now disappeared, and the “monitoring” Tweet does not mention a third party…

(Alex Sherwood) #53

MasterCard is the 3rd party..

(Craig A Rodway) #54

Yeah that’s true. It’s just a change from “A third party provider is current experiencing an outage” to “we’re working with MasterCard” :slight_smile: