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So I receive SMS whenever there is an issue with Monzo which I’m happy with but I was just wondering why the bank doesn’t just send these by push notification and save the cost of the SMS?


I assume it’s included in the fee they pay to

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This is correct. Atlassian include it in the package fee. Looks like :monzo: use most of Atlassians suits of products as well.

Rather than starting a new thread, I thought I’d dig up this one!

There was a recent discussion on possibly providing further information over outages.

I notice Monzo are having another issue today - Is there likely to be more of a breakdown over what went wrong?

I feel a little like a broken record here - For that, I’m sorry.

But I am genuinely interested in the “behind the scenes” of Monzo, and how things work, and get fixed when they go wrong.

I had an issue with a competitor bank over their use of GPS - I had a few issues which were a direct result of GPS failing, and it made me lose faith.

The fact that Monzo built their own card processor was a big plus point for me - It also (in my mind), allowed them a little more room to have issues, whilst the growing pains were sorted out.

Now, I haven’t been directly affected by many (any?) Monzo system issues, but that’s because I’m not a prolific user of bank transfers, and I don’t tend to use debit cards to spend.

But I am genuinely interested to know what the issues are when something at Monzo goes wrong (providing it doesn’t impact any security protocols).

I appreciate some of the issues are nationwide, and nothing to do with Monzo directly (charge backs, FPS issues) - But other times, it seems to be a Monzo specific issue.

The reason I highlight this again, is because there is another Bank Transfer delay issue at Monzo.

So I was curious if it was an internal system problem - Or a wider bank issue?

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