WizzAir not accepting Monzo Cards

It was in my hand ready to tap, and they saw its distinctive colour and said “if that’s a Monzo card we don’t accept it. You will have to use an alternative card.”

Next time, don’t show them. Just tap, I bet it’ll go through fine.


There’s no way you’re getting me on a Wizz Air flight…

… but I bet that Plus/Premium customers just tap and it’s fine.

I’ve had this with Jet2. I just said “well let’s see” and used it fine.

It’s odd because I assumed the same by Revolut Virtual Visa was just rejected by the terminal…

This seems to be the most relevant thread for this.

Ryanair yesterday (May 23) on board were asking if cards were VISA or Mastercard. For those that were the latter e.g Revolut, Santander it was chip and pin only or Apple Pay.

For anything else contactless. No bank discrimination just card type.


Some lack of knowledge going on with some travel or aeroplane companies going on still…