WizzAir not accepting Monzo Cards

It was in my hand ready to tap, and they saw its distinctive colour and said “if that’s a Monzo card we don’t accept it. You will have to use an alternative card.”

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Next time, don’t show them. Just tap, I bet it’ll go through fine.


There’s no way you’re getting me on a Wizz Air flight…

… but I bet that Plus/Premium customers just tap and it’s fine.

I’ve had this with Jet2. I just said “well let’s see” and used it fine.

It’s odd because I assumed the same by Revolut Virtual Visa was just rejected by the terminal…

This seems to be the most relevant thread for this.

Ryanair yesterday (May 23) on board were asking if cards were VISA or Mastercard. For those that were the latter e.g Revolut, Santander it was chip and pin only or Apple Pay.

For anything else contactless. No bank discrimination just card type.


Some lack of knowledge going on with some travel or aeroplane companies going on still…



Hey Kyle,

I still had my Monzo card declined by Wizz Air on a flight to Italy on the 4th of October 2023. Had to resort going through Apple Pay (lucky I had set it up, I tend to test our software on my personal device and reset it often, so most times I do not bother setting up Apple Pay).

I contacted support and they do not seem to care much about this and said it’s normal for merchants to deny certain banks, here’s an extract of our conversation:

Support : I had a look on my end and cant see any declined for that amount the only transaction I do see on my end is the apple pay transaction that has been made that was successful .

The payment was supposed to go through as Monzo is considered a Mastercard ,so it could be that there was issues with the terminal ,if it was a Monzo issue or they didn’t support Monzo then the apple pay transaction was also going to decline on your end .

Me : That makes sense, I think the issue with the terminal might be intentional since she clearly stated that Monzo is not accepted, so I’m wondering why? Is it normal for merchants to choose which banks to allow or deny within the Mastercard system?

Support : It normal ,we as Monzo also at times choose which merchants is allowed to take payments from the account or who we deal with .

So my question is whether this issue is being given enough attention, as the right alternative for me at the moment is to get a another card with another bank as a backup, which I’d rather not have to go through the hassle.

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Monzo support don’t know what they’re talking about half the time. It’s wrong. But that’s par for the course with Monzo.

A merchant can choose to accept all Mastercards or none. They can’t pick and choose based on issuing bank.

Email acceptance@monzo but don’t expect much, it’s been long ongoing.


We were refused to use Monzo onboard a Whizz Air flight yesterday. The attendant was full of herself and quite rude, “we dont accept prepay cards” because “they are used by criminals”.

Have emailed Monzo.
Will be submitting a formal complaint to Whizz Fail.

Moreso they refused to try contactless because the €30 payment was “too high” for contactless… Like wtf?
Someone needs some retraining.


Did you tell her Monzo haven’t been a pre-paid card since 2017?


Did you try to use Apple Pay or just tap the card?

We did. She was full of herself though. She didn’t want to be wrong.

TBH I think its the people who train them who tell them don’t accept XYZ

We weren’t allowed to try to use the Monzo cards at all. As if it would risk the attendant being proved wrong.

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Look listen I’m a flight attendant and I know whats best, Monzo is a prepaid card and is used by drug dealers. Here at WizzAir we don’t accept shit.


When I say contactless I actually mean Google/Apple Pay, which we use for everything. We tried to pay with a phone but were refused because the amount was “too high”. €30. Absolute joke.

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Next time put your Monzo card in an Oyster card holder and tap face–down, and when it goes through show her the card and :fu:

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I tried it via Apple Pay with a few “fintech” cards which they couldn’t see and the card machine blocks it

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The machine can’t block a Monzo card. It can either take or not take Mastercard.