WizzAir not accepting Monzo Cards

Use a digital wallet! They can jog on :joy:


Seems fine to me, all settled too :man_shrugging:t5:

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Did anyone ever get a reason why they won’t accept Monzo Cards?

Seems like a merchant issue rather than a bank issue Monzo can’t force someone to make them accept a payment method.

EDIT: And the reply above me seems to show this must be a knowledge gap rather than WizzAir just not accepting Monzo maybe the attendants aren’t properly trained or are misunderstanding what a Monzo Card is for a different type of payment method?

I thought the point was if Mastercard is accepted, there shouldn’t be any discrimination in issuers?

This is my suspicion, dating from when Monzo was a pre-paid, and anecdotally individual retailers began to associate the Hot Coral cards with fraudulent customers. Rather than a technical block, I reckon some staff just remember being told not to accept Hot Coral–coloured cards “back in the day”. If the customer uses Plus or Premium, or doesn’t show the card to the staff member, I suspect the transaction would go through just fine.


I’m unsure about how much of this is public knowledge vs internal so I will stay vague but try to answer as best as I can.

Monzo is really good at Chargebacks, if a customer says a payment wasn’t them we will take a payment to Mastercard to try get your money back. Merchants really don’t like this as they are fined every time we do this (unless they win the dispute then the fee is passed to us).

We submitted a lot of Chargebacks that airlines couldn’t dispute but they thought they were entitled to the money so they banned Monzo cards on their planes, (sadly as mentioned above you can’t ban a card provider through Mastercard so if you insist they try your card it’ll work like magic :sparkles: ). As far as I am aware, we have spoken to these airlines and this problem should be resolved and your Monzo card should be accepted as normal anywhere.

If they are still declining Monzo cards please reach out in app so we cann reach out to the merchant through MasterCard to fix this.


Had a flight yesterday…
There was recorded announcement - “We are not accepting pre-paid cards such as Monzo and Revolut”

Then they are just plain wrong :upside_down_face:

I was on a BA flight a few months ago and was told they don’t accept the BA Amex :expressionless:

What Airline was this?

Oh wow. Not sure why these companies make up these random rules.

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To be clear; they do.

But one flight had an issue once where Amex needed to put a PIN in not contactless and that filtered down enough to one particular flight crew who told one particular flight that it wasn’t accepted.

I literally had to tell them “it works, I use it all the time” to let them try it, and they were surprised it did.

Edit: actually kinda like the above post :email:


Wizzair UK


Do these dingbats try to check what card you use via a digital wallet?

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Just got off a wizz air flight, they announced that pre pay cards weren’t accepted and specifically said revolut and monzo as examples. Tried to pay with my monzo card Contactless and it was declined, didn’t try chip and pin, just used another card instead.

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Their machines can’t “not accept” Monzo so there must have been something else (possibly you need to use chip and PIN for that transaction).

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