BA . Thought Monzo was a prepaid card

Hi all,
Went to use my Monzo card on a BA flight back from Rome. Stewardess said as it was a prepaid card she would not accept it . I pointed out I had used it on the flight , again BA, out there . She had words with the chief stewardess , and said she would try it . Guess what , it worked ! Think BA staff need teaching about Monzo:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ll leave it with you .


Strange. I’ve never had any issues on BA. I don’t think this is too normal there.


Maybe it was a one off ! Just thought I would let the community know .


I would imagine it’s a one off. Maybe she had one that didn’t work when it was prepaid days and hasn’t had one since.


Never had an issue when I’ve flown on BA, always been accepted. Crew never had to talk to the CSD either, just accepted it and it worked.

Maybe she just changed jobs from easyJet :joy:


I did wonder this!

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It’s worth pointing out the debit ‘icon’ on the back - they soon decide it’s not prepaid :wink:

I had a similar issue last month on an EasyJet flight back from Amsterdam.

Transaction went something like this:

Her: That’s £4.50 please (The dearest tin of coke and blueberry muffin i’ve ever bought)

Me: I’m using the card there please if thats alright ?

Her: Certainly (until she sees the colour) Oh… uhh Monzo Mastercard ? (to her colleague) Can we take Monzo even though it’s pre-paid?

Me thinking to myself “Here we go again… I may get the credit card ready, actually no, its a full Mastercard Debit and they’re going to accept it like they would with any other debit card”

Colleague (possibly more senior or more experienced): Uhh i’m not too sure, will we or wont we ? Aye go for it.

Me: Yes, it used to be a pre-paid card but they haven’t been for nearly a year now, they can be processed like any other Mastercard / Mastercard Debit, although some people still think that because they’re quite new.

They take the card, I enter the pin on the terminal, txn approved, Robert’s your mothers brother etc

Me: There we go

Her: Everyday’s a schoolday giggles

Me: giggles Sure we’re all sorted now, Thank you

Mind you, it didn’t leave my account until 2 days later, Probably due to them not running the batch/overnight process until a couple of days later when the terminal was back on the ground.

Although you would think by now with our customer base that third parties would see our cards more and more and the powers that be would cascade this to their staff, but as someone had said maybe it was a one off. But in both our cases at least they tried, and it worked, so hopefully they’re now a bit more accommodating.

I would have thought that the transaction would have shown instantly what with more and more people moving their systems into the cloud :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ll get my coat.

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:small_airplane: :joy::monzo:

Very similar to my experience yesterday .Maybe the companies should send out an email to all their staff , and clear this up once and for all:grinning:

Doesn’t happen much in the grand scheme of things, thankfully - we get a huge amount of airline payments through us. Although, it’s certainly annoying.


:grinning: Good to hear that .

I also thought that , was expecting it immediately when I seen Vodafone UK appear but it did take a few days.

I also thought the days of offline card payments were numbered and Monzo would not issue ‘offline’ debit cards which would result in a decline. So dont worry, I also thought the same, Ill grab my coat too :laughing:

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