WizzAir not accepting Monzo Cards

Every time when I am on board a WizzAir flight (usually to or from London) along with other passengers I am told that WizzAir does not accept Monzo cards. (if I want to buy a meal or buy a premium seat whilst onboard)
Are they not aware that Monzo is no longer a prepaid card and a fully licensed UK bank?

Is this practice even legal?

I have used Wizzair on board.

They said they don’t accept it then I said how come you allowed me to book the flight with it and can you at least try.

To the surprise of no one it went through fine.


The problem is that some attendants will even refuse to try.

Sounds like the issue Monzo had with EasyJet, where because of problems with the prepaid card they were instructed to not take them, and although everything is fixed now, there are plenty of staff who remember the old warnings and training and haven’t picked up on any of the subsequent updates.


It’s legal, but I believe it’s against MasterCard rules.

If they accept contactless, just tap the card on the reader before they can say anything?

Or better still, open the food or drink and say “Gee, thanks! Didn’t expect free food!”


If you use Apple or Google Pay, and can pay by contactless, just tap the machine with the phone screen face down.

There was a time when a load of units in and around Liverpool Street refused Monzo cards on the basis of “apparently we’ve been told to” so I just did this, or put my card inside a free TfL travelcard wallet.

If they were particularly ignorant about it, I’d sometimes finish with a “you just did” as I took my purchase and walked away.

Edit: I’m presuming using a phone works even on airplane mode.


It does. No instant notifications, obviously.


Don’t even need to have your screen unlocked to pay just make sure the screens on and tap, that way they’ll not even see which card is loaded up ready to go

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I was on a WizzAir flight a few days ago and they are still announcing that they don’t accept Monzo :confused:

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I heard this announcement yesterday. I was very confused by this. Never heard this before. No Amex, Revolut or Monzo….

Is there an official from Monzo regarding this?


It’s not a Monzo thing, I believe it’s a merchant decision for whatever reason.

Their machines can accept Mastercard, but they can pick or choose what actual cards to accept (it’s a strange one).

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Is it they won’t accept Monzo cards, or can’t accept Monzo cards?

Big difference. If it’s that they won’t, just don’t show them the card.

It would take some amendments to reject set BIN, as otherwise it’s just a Mastercard.

I guess if they reject legal tender, it makes it free? :joy:

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Surprised this is going on… they’re not allowed to pick and choose what mastercard they allow per the mastercard rules. If merchants could do that it would be chaos…

As above just use your phone…

IIRC the monzo contact for things like this is acceptance@monzo.com

I mean they can do as they please, it would need them to be caught out refusing to accept a certain card and for that person to then report it to MasterCard, sending any evidence they have.

I think it’s in Monzo’s interest to raise this with wizz air, it’s negative advertising on every flight, non monzo users will come away with the impression that a monzo card can’t be relied on compared to their legacy bank’s MasterCard.


I agree.

The last thing you want to hear when you are literally leaving the country for a holiday is to be told that you can’t use a certain banks card. Some people will wonder what the issue is and will they be able to use it abroad. Is there an outage? Has it gone bust?


Nice try but payment cards ≠ legal tender.

Just use Apple Pay…

Just got off a flight with Wizz and they still say they don’t take Monzo or Revolut. Peculiar!