Withdrawing cash at the Post Office

Now it is for all Metro Bank customers but originally Metro Bank only had a contract with the Post Office for their business customers and not personal customers, which caused some confusion for Post Office staff. So it sometimes not even a relationship with a bank but only some of the customers of a bank! Depending what type of account you hold :frowning:

Trying to cover off every eventuality is good but you’re always going to find exceptions like if the post office is closed.

I use it mainly to deposit cash easily into my FD account and then FP it to where I want it to be

How far away was the nearest cash machine (e.g. perhaps there was a cash machine in the next village). I’m a bit worried to find out there are some small villages where most places don’t take contactless card (or cards in general) and which don’t have cash machines nearby. I understand people living in the village may have become used to a kind of primitive way of life, but that’d be awful for anyone visiting who has got on board with the convenience technology provides.

If they find the ATM is not working in my village the longest they have to wait is 30 minutes for a bus, then 20 minutes to the nearest ATM and wait a while for the bus back, in 1½-2 hours you can get your cash and return…though having gone somewhere big enough for another ATM why bother returning?

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I’m not up to date with post offices, but what would happen if you bought a postal order with your debit card, then cashed it in ? Is it costly or frowned upon?

Quite far, we were near our 6th Form which isn’t in the centre of the town

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Someone on here had the good idea of opening a post office current account just to use their services.

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Agh yeah that is actually solution sorted !! :slight_smile:


Although don’t look at the bank app I think it make you vomit… there’s a separate app for their credit cards and debit cards. Looks like they were designed back on iOS 7.

I tried to open a post office savings account last week. It was not a fun experience! Needless to say I’m not going to bother with it now!

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